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Student Information - Child Table Search

Search from the information stored in the student and its extension or child tables. You can use several search criteria to filter the data. The state-specific tables are listed under the Student Extension tables, and the common tables are listed under the Related Search section.

The Compliance Field list option must be enabled to appear on the Start page.

  1. On the Start page, select Students, and click Compliance Field list.

  2. On the Student Compliance Quick Search window, choose any table and select an option from the conditional drop-down list. For example, choose the  S_IN_STU_LM_C.INSTRUCTIONAL_PROGRAM table and select Equals.

  3. Enter a value in the field. For example, enter 5. The system lists all students with an instructional program code of 5.

  4. To add additional search criteria, click the plus sign and follow steps 1 through 3.

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