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Additional Student Information

This document explains the information needed for data collection and publishing of the Student Programs that the student participates in or is served by.

Primary PowerSchool Source Data

  • Students
  • ReEnrollments
  • S_IN_STU_X

The following Student Programs come under Additional Student Programs and are currently published for Indiana Ed-Fi:

  • Section 504
  • Foster Care
  • Homeless
  • Unaccompanied Youth
  • Student of Active Duty
  • High Ability Program
  • Virtual Student
  • Alternative Education
  • Refugee Program

Selection Criteria

  • The Student must not be excluded from State Reporting.
  • The Student must have a State Student Number.
  • The Student must have a valid enrollment record for the current session.
  • The School in which the student is enrolled, must not be Excluded from State Reporting.
    • The below-mentioned selection criteria are only applicable for Student Alternative Education Program:
      • The program's start and end dates must be within the range of the current session.
      • The School must be within a Public District.

Data Collection

Data needed for the StudentPrograms is collected in the below location:
Start Page > Student Selection > Additional Information (AD Tab)
Click New, under the Information Section of each Student Program to create a new record.

For the details regarding the fields and mappings, refer to the Student Programs page.

Publishing Logic

  • The program record must be active during the current school session.
  • If a student has multiple school enrollment records and the programs are created with the different date ranges that come under the given school enrollment date range, then multiple program records will get published with the matching school ID respectively.
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