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Indiana Start of Year Checklist

Use the following checklist to track your progress through the Start of Year tasks for Indiana State Reporting. Please see the PowerSchool Start of Year Guide for additional updates. 


Ed-Fi Beginning of Year Setup

  • Enable School Year in Existing Profile
    • If your state's Endpoint and Authentication URLs have not changed, you can use the same profile as the previous school year.
  • Enable School Year in New Profile
    • If your state's Endpoint and Authentication URLs have changed, create a new profile prior to enabling the new school year.
      • Create New Profile
      • Configure PowerSchool Data Exchange
  • Ed-Fi Dashboard
    • Periodically review the Ed-Fi Reporting page to ensure “On Demand” categories like Attendance are scheduled to run periodically.

  • Verify all items as listed below.

District Setup

  • Perform any data downloads as appropriate
  • Review entry, exit, and ethnicity codes
  • Review and update school information
  • Update the default term level
  • Review and update Day Type options
  • Update course information
  • Review and update Grade Setup 
  • Review all Ed-Fi mappings
  • Review IN Calendar section under School Info. 
    • Start time (24 hr format)
    • End time (24 hr format)
    • Instructional MInutes
    • Non-instructional Minutes
    • Waiver Days

School Setup

  • Review Years & Terms
  • Review Periods and Cycle Days
  • Review Sections
    • Verify the School Association
  • Review Bell Schedule
    • Shortened Days
  • Complete Calendar Setup
    • Set the IN Day Type as appropriate
    • In-Session days should be set to a Day Type of Student Calendar
  • Review Attendance Preferences, Codes, Categories, and Conversions. 
  • Review Full-time Equivalencies

Staff Setup

  • Review staff member demographic information
  • Verify LEA ID
  • Review School Associations and Roles
  • Update staff assignment records. 

Student Setup

  • Review student demographic information
  • Review school enrollment
  • Review Primary School of Enrollment an ADM Type
  • Review Indiana-Specific Program Dates and Settings
  • Review Indiana-specific Special Education Information
  • Review Indiana-specific Testing Information
  • Verify Exclude Flag status
  • Verify Accountable School and Access School fields

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