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e-Transcript District Setup


The following data elements are required for district setup of e-Transcript reporting. The first two pages of navigation are removed for brevity:

Start Page > District Setup.

  1. On the Start Page, click the School link at the top of the page. The school list appears.

  2. Choose District Office from the pop-up menu. The district start page appears.

  3. Click District. The District Setup page appears.

Data Element

Additional Information




Entering GPA Calculation Methods

GPA Calculations > GPA Methods

GPA Calculation Method

The Setup for GPA Calculation Methods is required. The list of GPA methods will be displayed as an option on the eTranscript report submission page.


Exclude from e-Transcript

Choose True from the pop-up menu to exclude the calculation from the e-Transcript.

Note: Excluding this GPA Calculation Method will prevent it from displaying as an option on the e-Transcript Report Parameter page.




GPA Range Maximum

Enter the maximum possible grade point value a student can receive for an overall GPA, for example: 4.0 or 12.0.

Note: If you need to override this value for an individual student, use the GPA Range Maximum Override field on the individual student’s page: Student Selection > State/Province - IN > Transcript tab > e-Transcript Information.


If blank, 4.0 will extract



GPA Type Override

Choose a GPA Type Override from the pop-up menu.

  • Weighted

  • NonWeighted

  • UserDefined




GPA Type - User Defined Description

If UserDefined is selected for the GPA Type above, enter a description. This field is used to describe the GPA Type.




Entering Tests

Test > Edit Test


Enter the name of the test so that test results for the named test will extract.



Required to extract test data

Entering Test Result Information

Test > Test Results: ‘Test Name’ > Edit Test Result

Sub Test Code

Enter the sub test code. Field must be populated for student test results of this test score to extract.



Required to extract test score data

Score Type

Select the data type of score that will be extracted for the particular Test Score. Default value is Number.

Valid values:

  • Number

  • Percent

  • Alpha




Including the School in e-Transcripts

Schools/School Info > Edit/New School

Include Stored Grades from this School in e-Transcript

Choose True from the pop-up menu to include grades from this school in e-Transcripts.

Note: If this is set to False, you can force a grade to be included in e-Transcript by setting the 'Include in e-Transcript' field to True on the Stored Grade.





Enter the CEEB ACT Code.

The CEEB ACT Code is the unique identifier assigned by the College Entrance Examining Board and ACT for each K-12 data exchange partner.




Defining Immunization Mapping

Immunization Mapping

Immunization Date

Enter the date of the immunization.




Immunization CPT Code

Enter the CPT code of the immunization

For CPT codes see the popup window for common CPT codes provided by the state.




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