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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-284202Ed-Fi IN: Staff Sections Updates

Staff Sections Association publishing logic is updated with the following changes:

  • When publishing Staff Section records, additional Staff Section associations are generated only if the section’s Class Instruction is set to 1 - This class is taught by two or more teachers.
  • Staff Section records are not published for teachers who are excluded from Ed-Fi or are excluded from state reporting.

Districts that want to report a section’s Additional Teacher as the responsible teacher and not report the section’s ‘Lead Teacher’ to the state can do the following:

  • Exclude the Lead Teacher from either Ed-Fi or State reporting.
  • Set the section’s Class Instruction value to 1 - This class is taught by two or more teachers.
  • Enter the Additional Teacher’s information in the First Secondary Teacher field and specify a Special Education Classroom Settings (defaults to Not a special ed teacher).
  • Since the Lead Teacher is excluded and only one Secondary Teacher is specified, only the additional teacher is reported.
PSSR-288344Ed-Fi - Teachers who taught in S1 but then became inactive in S2 do not have data published.

IN DOE Ed-Fi publishing is updated to no longer exclude staff members that are currently Inactive but have taught a section at some point in the school year.

It will be necessary to run Publish Changes or Publish All for the Staff related resources after the installation of this release.

Also, when automatically generating Staff Assignments for staff members that have taught at least one section in the school year, the staff member’s Staff Type is being considered, so that Substitute Teachers are accurately reported. Previous to this change, when auto-generating Staff Assignments for staff members teaching a section, all records were created having the Teacher classification. If the staff member’s Staff Type is Substitute, that classification is reported, otherwise, the Teacher is reported.

PSSR-288871Ed-Fi (DOE): Publish Student Program: Alternative Education

When publishing Student Programs on the IN DOE dashboard, dependency checks are added to Alternative Education Program publishing to alert users when a student is enrolled in an Alternative Program not valid for their district.

PSSR-289733Ed-Fi - Student Section Dependencies for Excluded Courses

Ed-Fi publishing for the IN DOE profile is updated to no longer publish the following resources (and child resources) if the Exclude from EDFI (Course Level/Section Level) or Exclude from CP/CC (Course level) is set to Yes:

  • CourseOfferings
  • Sections
  • Student Sections
  • Staff Sections
  • Student Transcript
PSSR-281873Ed-Fi DOE - Student Contacts Update for Sub-District Enabled Servers

Student Contact publishing is updated for the IN DOE Profile so that records no longer stay in dependency when the linked contact is attached to students at multiple subdistricts.

Due to the nature of this change, it is required to republish all Student Contacts on sub-district enabled servers (Publish All district-wide) after installing this release.

PSSR-287248Staff Assignment Page - District Office Not Showing in the School Drop-down After Edit

The Staff Assignments page is updated to display the selected “District Office” value when editing a previously created record.

PSSR-287936Updates to StudentSectionAttendance for Framework Changes

StudentSectionAttendance is updated to align with Framework changes for remote section publishing capabilities.

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