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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile Report Cannot be Run Successfully For More Than 1000 Students

Attendance Profile Report: Version 1.7

The Attendance Profile now has a maximum limit of 200 students per report run.


All States/Provinces: CRDC School Submission File Update

If a school has no out-of-school suspensions to report, the following columns will be populated with a value of zero:





All States/Provinces: Immunization Rules Engine Update

The immunization rules engine can now compare immunization dose dates and the number of doses a student has received to date fields in Core and extended tables (Student.EntryDate, for example)

Note: Immunization rules must be updated to utilize this new functionality.


All States/Provinces: Null Pointer Exception Error When Saving Vaccine Dose Data

Student dose data is now saved now in the Nightly Batch process. This will prevent users from receiving the null pointer exception error when entering (and saving) vaccination dose data.


Availability of the Data Exchange Special Operations

Data Exchange Special Operations is now available at the District Office under Data Exchange Settings.


Ed-Fi Framework: Resource Configuration Page Issue Resolved

The issue of enable/disable options not working as expected on the Resource Configuration page in some scenario has been resolved with this State Reporting Release.


Ed-Fi: Ability To Publish the Expelled Attendance Records Automatically

With this State Reporting Release, you can publish the expelled attendance records automatically. Review Expelled Attendance for more information.


Ed-Fi: Fixes for the Data Exchange Credentials

With this State Reporting Release, the below-mentioned DEX credentials issues have been resolved for Ed-Fi V6:

  • The DEX keys, secrets, DEX, and Auth URL were not getting rolled over if the profile name has been changed. Now, the rollover script will only look at the Profile Type and the version.

  • The seeded DEX and Auth URL were incorrect, an update script has been provided to correct the URLs.


INSITE: Student Grades Issue Has Now Been Resolved

The issue of Student Grades Records for the INSITE profile getting stuck under dependency has been resolved with this State Reporting Release.


Minor Enhancements to the State Student Pages

The below-mentioned updates are now available with this State Reporting Release:

  • All the Exclude From Ed-Fi fields have been renamed to Exclude From Publishing.

  • Exclude From HB Report has been renamed to Exclude From HB and is now a checkbox.

  • For MLL:

    • MLL (LM) Tab has been renamed to MLL.

    • Exclude From MLL (LM) Report has been renamed to Exclude From MLL and is now a checkbox.

  • Exclude From RT Report has been renamed to Exclude From RT and is now a checkbox.

  • The Special Education field is now a checkbox.

  • On the Transcript tab, the below-mentioned fields have been modified to a checkbox from a drop-down list:

    • Exclude Attendance From e-Transcript

    • Exclude Immunization From e-Transcript

    • Exclude GPA & Class Rank fields

    • Exclude Only Class Rank fields


State Information is Missing State Fields When on Core

State Information sections on several pages which were missing State Fields when PowerSchool SIS had been applied now have these fields appearing again.


State Reports deprecated

With this State Reporting Release, the following old State Reports have been deprecated:

  • DOE-AT

  • DOE-HB

  • DOE-LE

  • DOE-RT


  • DOE-TA

  • DOE-TL

  • DOE-TB

  • DOE-AD

  • DOE-CP

  • DOE-CC

  • DOE-EM

  • DOE-EV

  • DOE-ES

  • DOE-GR

  • DOE-IR

  • DOE-LM

  • DOE-ME

  • DOE-SE

  • DOE-TI

  • DOE-TR

  • DOE-PE

  • DOE-DM

  • Restraint/Seclusion Form Report

  • Indiana Staff - School Specific Field Validation Report


Update to the Staff Assignment Records

With this State Reporting release, a one-time update script has been released for the Staff Assignment Records in which the script searches for records that do not have an end date and then updates the beginning date for these records to 07/15/2023.

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