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Graduate Students

General Information

  • This document provides guidance on how to gather and publish student information on students who have graduated or left school with a certificate using Ed-Fi Data Exchange.
  • Ed-Fi publishing of Graduate Students' data uses data elements from the GR and the Transcript tab available from the Student State pages.
  • The Graduate Students' data is published via Students' Year Term Academic Record from Student Transcripts.

Required Setup/Data

The following setup items are either required or recommended for publishing Student Transcript Graduation data:

  • Student:
    • Valid school enrollment
      • A summer-withdrawal record is required for summer Graduates.
      • A one-day mobility record is required for late graduates. 
    • Graduate data populated on the student GR and Transcript tabs
    • GR Tab Data:
      Navigation: Start Page, Student Selection, State/Province-IN, GR Tab (Graduate Information)
      • Diploma Level type is being pulled from the Diploma Level ([S_IN_STU_X]DOE_Diploma_Level) field
        • Select the Diploma Level Type awarded.
      • Diploma Type is derived from Diploma Level Type:
        • If 06, then 'Certificate of completion' is reported.

        • If 07, then 'Certificate of attendance' is reported.

        • If 11, 'Alternate Diploma' is reported.
        • If 23, 'Alternate Diploma' is reported.
        • Otherwise 'Regular Diploma' is reported.
        • If the Diploma Level is blank, reported as blank.
      • Enter Employability Skills and Postsecondary-Ready Competencies if applicable:
        • Published as: 'recognition type' of either 'Employability Skills' or 'Post-Secondary Competencies'
        • With the selected option published as an 'achievementCategoryDescriptor'
          • If 'Locally Defined Pathway' is selected, then enter Local Pathway data (Reports whatever is entered in the field)
            • The local Pathway must be an IDOE-approved pathway
    • Transcript Tab Data:
      Navigation: Start Page, Student Selection, State/Province-IN, Transcript Tab
      • Enter Graduation Date. If blank, the student's School Exit date (Transfer Info) will be used (Exitdate -1)
  • Graduation data will only get published, when the Graduation date is in the current school year (Jul 1 - Jun 30)

  • In the current scenario, a Year-long academic record will not be generated if the student has GR data entered. It will only get generated if a Student has at least 1 year-long class in a year-long Academic Term.
  • If a student has Graduation Data entered on his GR tab and has a graduation date entered between July 1 and June 30 of the current year, and the student is not enrolled in a Year long class, then a Year Term Academic Record is generated and the Graduation data is included with this academic record.

  • For Late Graduates, the Graduate Students School must have the current term created with the correct dates. Otherwise, the GR data will not be published since the Year-Round Academic record will not be generated for the students who have graduated and are in the Graduate Students School after the EOY process is completed.
    • For example: If a student was in the 2022-2023 school year but graduated in the 2023-2024 school year and the student is currently in Graduated Students School. The Graduate Students School must have a 2023-2024 school year setup.

Publishing Requirements

The following Ed-Fi resources are required for GR certification:

  • Student Programs:
    • Special Education Program records are required for some Diploma Level Types
  • Student Transcripts
    • Academic Records (StudentAcademicRecords)
      • StudentAcademicRecord is the header record for CourseTranscripts

Selection Criteria

  • The Student should not be excluded from State Reporting and has a valid school enrollment record that has been published.
  • The Student should have the following data:
    • A valid full-year academic record or course/section enrollment record.
    • Valid records/data published via Transcript Courses.
    • The student has GR data populated on the GR tab.
  • Referenced schools must not be excluded from the State Reporting.

Publishing Notes

For publishing of the Graduate Students' record, all the below-mentioned resources and data need to get published and the steps need to be followed:

  • If a student has GR data entered in the GR tab when publishing Student Transcripts, a Year Term Academic record is published that includes Graduation data.
  • Students with a Diploma Level Type (06) Certificate of Completion must also be identified as Special Education via Special Education Program records.
  • The school must have Grade Levels 9, 10, 11, or 12.
  • For publishing the records for Late Graduate Students, the student must have a one-day mobility record as the current enrollment. The Entry and Exit Date, It need not be an in-session day in the current session, it could be between the last day of the previous session and the beginning date of the upcoming school year. Furthermore, the graduation date must be filled, which is present under the Transcript tab.
  • For Late Graduate Students, the enrollment record must be a one-day mobility record with a valid school. The Academic Record will not get published if the one-day mobility record is created with the Graduated Student School.
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