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Course Offerings and Section

General Information

  • Guidance on how to gather and publish the Organization Schedules data, which consists of Course Offerings and Section Records.
  • Ed-Fi publishing of Course Offerings and the Sections data use data elements from the Course and the Sections created for the courses.

Required Setup/Data

The following setup items are either required or recommended for publishing Organization Schedules:

Course Offerings

  • The Course must have a valid Alternate Course Number assigned. The Alternate Course Number must exist under the State Courses, which can be looked up on the Data Exchange Dashboard.
  • The Course must not be excluded from the Ed-Fi or CP/CC, which are available on the Course page.


  • All Course Offering criteria must be fulfilled.
  • The Section must not be excluded from Ed-Fi.
  • The associated Periods and Locations must be published.

For the full description of the publishing logic and the fields, refer to the Organization Schedules page.

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