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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-293646All States/Provinces: Attendance Change History Report - Report Parameter Update

Attendance Change History Report: Version 1.1

The Attendance Change History report page has been updated and now the report parameter drop-down boxes will populate as expected after moving the view to a repo schema call.

PSSR-297153All States/Provinces: Digital Equity & Learning Preference - Localization Update

Additional References: PSSR-297785 

The Digital Equity & Learning Preferences screens in the portals listed below can now be localized:

  • Admin Portal
  • Parent Portal
PSSR-289865All States/Provinces: Enrollment Entry-Exit Code List Changes

To support the Entry/Exit Code changes in PowerSchool 22.5.0 and maintain backward compatibility with earlier versions of PowerSchool, updates have been made and now the end users will see the following:

  • PowerSchool version 22.5.0 (or greater) - The Entry/Exit Codes will show as inactive after the defined effective end date.
  • PowerSchool versions prior to 22.5.0 - Entry/Exit Codes will behave as they always have (cannot be inactivated).
PSSR-280589All States/Provinces: Student Incident Profile Update

Student incident Profile: Version 1.2

The Student Incident Profile report has been updated and will now print the incident description up to 4000 characters.

PSSR-248758All States/Provinces: System Log Error - "Field not added due to unsupported attribute" Update

The validation has been updated and this error will no longer propagate in the system log.

PSSR-282994All States/Provinces: Updated Contact Tracing System Report

Contact Tracing Report: Version 1.5

The Contact Tracing report has been updated to resolve the following error:

ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row.

PSSR-295223Ed-Fi (DOE): 2022-2023 Student Demographics Update

The Student Demographics resource is updated for the 2022-2023 school year and now publishes ElectronicMailType and ElectronicMailAddress. The data is pulled from the student's 'Student Email' screen.

PSSR-296654Ed-Fi (DOE): 2022-2023 Student Programs Update

The Student Programs resource is updated for the 2022-2023 school year and now publishes a new Refugee Program. The new Refugee Program is added to the Student AD tab.

PSSR-294904Ed-Fi (DOE): Updates to Choice Voucher (Data Collection and Publishing

With this State Reporting Update, the following changes have been made to the Students' Choice Voucher Record (Data Collection and Publishing):

  • A new value, (99) Choice Voucher is added as a new 'Special Education Placement' option on the student Special Education Information New/Edit screen.

  • Student Program Special Education publishing is updated to publish Choice Voucher program records records when (99) Choice Voucher from the Special Education Placement drop-down list is selected.

    • Publishing logic no longer depends on the ADM Type.

PSSR-298732Ed-Fi: 2021–22 Published Student Demographics Records Getting DeletedFor some Districts, the 2021-2022 published Student Demographics records were getting deleted for the students who have a school enrollment record in the 2022-2023 school session. This issue has been fixed with this update.
PSSR-290233Ed-Fi: Ability to Track the Exclude from ME Flag across All School Enrollment RecordsThe ability to track the Exclude From ME flag across all school enrollment records has been added. Using this flag, the StudentEducationOrganizationAssociation (Responsible Organization) record can be excluded from getting published for the particular school enrollment records.
PSSR-296537Ed-Fi: Sessions (Terms) Under Organization Calendar Update

The Sessions (Terms) under Organization Calendar have been updated to publish the last day of the term correctly when there are two schools with the same alternate school numbers (one is a regular school and the other school is a summer school). It honors the Exclude From State Reporting flag for Grading Period and Sessions.

Note: The summer school must be excluded from state reporting.

PSSR-290524Ed-Fi: Update to Staff Associations Data View

The Ed-Fi dashboard data viewer has been updated and the Staff Contacts data view has been added to the Staff Association Errors category under the Staff Associations resource.

PSSR-296653Ed-Fi (DOE): 2022-23 Staff Changes

The Years of Professional Experience field has been removed from getting published via Staff Demographics.

PSSR-292881Ed-Fi: Ability to Track the Exclude from ME Flag for Concurrent Enrollments

The ability to track the Exclude From ME flag for concurrent enrollments has been added. Using this flag, the StudentEducationOrganizationAssociation (Responsible Organization) record can be excluded from getting published for the particular Concurrent Enrollment record.

PSSR-297190Ed-Fi: Resources Not Getting Published via Data Exchange Dashboard

For some Districts, it was found that Student Transcripts and other student resources were not getting published from the Data Exchange Dashboard. This issue has been fixed.

PSSR-298739Ed-Fi: Student Data Not Getting Published Because of the Errors on Student DemographicsFor some Districts, Student data was not getting published for the 2022-23 session because the state returned “StudentPost” errors on Student Demographics Record. This issue has been fixed with this update.


Ed-Fi: Student’s Data Not Getting Published in Some Conditions

For some Districts, Student Data was not getting published to the state if the student's School Entry Date was less than or equal to the current date. This issue has been fixed.

PSSR-294592Ed-Fi: Update to Staff Assignment Records When Staff Classification Is Student Support Plans

Whenever the admin manually creates a Staff Assignment record, with Staff Classification as Student Support Plans, the School defaults to the District Office, and the data is published with the District’s LEA ID. For this, the user does not need access to the District Office.

PSSR-296658Ed-Fi (DOE): 2022-23 Updates to (MLL) Multilingual Learners (Previously known as ELL and LM)

Additional Reference: PSSR-272157, PSSR-289856, and PSSR-298433
Following changes have been made for Multilingual Learners (Previously known as English Language Learners)

  • The MLL Student tab has been updated to allow users to successfully track historical records for students enrolled in the Multilingual Learners program.

    • Note: MLL Program records have been automatically generated for MLL students, having Program Start Dates of the earliest enrollment entry date of the current school year (or most recent enrollment for previous year inactive students).
  • When a program record has an end date, the existing program record has been updated to include the end date.

  • If a record has a blank end date or future end date and the start date from the previous year, then the program record will get published.

  • With this update, an Instructional Program has to be selected, and Ed-Fi no longer publishes a default program.

  • The LM tab has been renamed to MLL (LM).

  • The title of the page has been changed to Multilingual Learners and Immigration Information.

  • The program Type is no longer published as English Language Learners, it is published as Multilingual Learners.

  • Modifications to the Instructional Program drop-down options:

    • (6) ESOL has been deactivated

    • (11) Newcomer has been added

    • (12) EL-Parent Refusal has been added

    • Regular Education Program has been renamed to Regular Education-Non-EL

    • Sheltered English has been renamed to Sheltered Instruction-ELs only

    • Content-based ESL has been renamed to Content-based ELD

PSSR-286049Spelling Correction

The word Exemptions was misspelled in the DOE-IR Exemptions heading present under TL/TA tab. This has been corrected.

PSSR-296892Invalid Exit Reasons Have Been Removed for Alternative Education

The Exit Reason Drop-down for the Alternative Education Information has been updated to reflect only the valid exit reasons and the below-mentioned exit reasons have been removed:

  • (01) Transfer to Regular Education.
  • (12) Received Certificate
  • (13) Reached Maximum Age of 22.
  • (15) Dropout.
  • (16) Moved, KNOWN to be continuing in an Education Program ONLY.
  • (17) Moved, but continuing Special Education services under IDEA in Indiana.
  • (99) No longer qualifies.
  • (EOY) End of Year
PSSR-289629Unable to Map Attendance Code via Code Set Mapping

An issue was found in some scenarios where attendance codes were not getting mapped via code set mapping and the page displayed an error. This issue has been fixed.

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