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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-236423Course Completion (DOE-CC) Report v 3.0 – Failing with Error When Sort Output File Is Set to Yes

Course Completion (CC) Report: Version 3.1

Course Completion (CC) Report is no longer failing when Sort Output File is set to Yes.

PSSR-237890Data Collection Updates for 2020-2021 - Virtual Students (DOE-ME)

The Virtual Student field on the student ME tab now includes the following value: (C) Virtual due to COVID

PSSR-236445DEX: Restore the State Reporting Page When DEX Is Disabled

When the DEX plugin is disabled, the name of the State Reporting tab under System reports will change to "State" and will move to the center tab, where it was previously located.

PSSR-237012Ed-Fi Framework: Dependency Check Performance Improvements

Performance improvements have been made in the Dependency Check Processor for the Ed-Fi Framework. This will greatly improve the efficiency at which dependencies are checked and processed.

PSSR-233220Ed-Fi IN: Discipline Action Descriptor Values Do Not Match Downloaded Values

The four state values for Type of Expulsion or Suspension have been added to the Discipline Code Set Mapping. The DisciplineDescriptor data element in the Discipline Action resource is updated to use the Discipline Code Set Mapping mapped values. On the Log Entry page, if both fields Action Taken and Type of Expulsion or Suspension are populated and mapped to the same value, that single value will be published. Otherwise, if both fields are populated and mapped to two different values, both values will be published.

PSSR-179002Indiana e-Transcript - Add Guardian Data to the Report Output

Indiana e-Transcript PDF Verification Report: Version 2.2
Indiana e-Transcript XML Extract: Version 2.7

New Parent/Guardian fields are added on the reports and are displayed in LastName, FirstName format. The values are extracted based on the priority order defined in the list of Contacts for each student.

The new guardian values are only displayed for customers running PowerSchool version 12.0.1 or higher.
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