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Overview of 2022-2023 Changes

This page discusses 2022-2023 Ed-Fi publishing changes and data collection. This is a high-level summary, with links to more detailed information if needed.

Summary of Changes

Calendar Changes

The state announced six new Calendar Event Descriptors and removed four others. For a list of all Calendar Event Descriptors, access the Overview of 2022-2023 Changes article.

If your district needs to use the new calendar event types, they need to be added to the Calendar Membership Types page, then mapped from the District Office. Review the Overview of 2022-2023 Changes article for information on how to set up these new items.

School Calendars will be certified in September (at the state site) allowing all other data validations to run against calendar data provided at the start of the school year.

Student Changes

Additional validations at the state implemented to minimize data thrashing issue:

  • Only schools with active StudentSchoolAssociation where primary school is 'True' can update the student information

Student Assessment Accommodations moved to a new API resource - (Awaiting Guidance from IDOE)

Student Email Address is added as part of students API - SR_22.7.3

  • Email address should be the school assigned email and not personal email
  • Pulled from the Student Email Student page in PowerSchool.
    • Table Name and field:

Student Education Organization Association (Responsible Organizations)

Begin and End Dates are added for 2022-2023 reporting - SR_22.7.1

  • Allows schools to provide Begin and End Dates on a student's educational organization record identifying if the student is reported for 'funding' or 'attendance' and making changes to ADM codes as needed for each reporting period

PowerSchool notes on EdOrg (Education Organization) begin and end dates:

  • Begin and End Dates come from the student's Transfer Info page begin and end dates.
  • To change a student's ADM Codes (for example) it will be necessary to transfer the student out of school, then re-enroll the student back in school with the entry date of the new enrollment matching the exit date of the previous enrollment (with the new entry date equal to the date of the ADM Code change).
    • The Create New School Enrollment student function can be used to accomplish this task.

      At this time, performing the above steps will also result in two school association records publishing to the state.

    • The state asked us to 'merge' contiguous enrollment records belonging to the same school into a single Student School Association - Coming Soon.

English Learners Program Changes

The following changes are made to English Learners Program reporting for 2022-23 - SR_22.7.3

  • Program Type Name changed to Multilingual Learners
  • Addition of two new programs, removal of a program, and name changes for some existing programs.
  • Instrument Used change: W-APT to Kindergarten Screener

In addition to the above state changes, the following additional change is implemented:

  • Ability to create multiple EL (MLL) programs with Begin and End dates
  • For more information about MLL (EL) changes, review the Overview of 2022-2023 Changes.

Curricular Material Program Association

New API resource studentCurricularMaterialProgramAssociations - Targeting August 2022

  • State added LivesWithParentUniqueId
  • We will report the ContactID of the first contact listed with the Lives With flag on the Student's Contacts page.

    There is no change to data collection, just publishing changes.

Refugee Program Association

Adding Refugee program type and program name to Student Program Association API to collect students with refugee status - SR_22.7.3

  • Data Collection added to the Student AD tab in PowerSchool

Staff Changes

Years of Experience is removed from the Staff API - SR_22.7.3

Years of Experience is added to the Staff Education Organization Employment Association API - No change needed in PowerSchool

Additional Staff Classification descriptors are being added

  • Download Descriptors (State Codes) to see the new values. (drop-down pulls from downloaded descriptors)

Additional 2022-2023 Changes - Coming Soon

The following additional changes will be implemented in the 2022-2023 school year, but requirements are not yet available from I-DOE:

  • Accommodations
  • Discipline
  • Identities
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