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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-301937Accommodations Values Are Not Getting Saved

An issue was found in which the values were not getting saved on the Accommodations page. With this State Reporting Release, this issue has been resolved.

PSSR-300027Ed-Fi (DOE): 2022-2023 Student Attendance Publishing Updates

The Student Attendance Publishing logic has been updated to publish the attendance records only for the students who are in PK or below Grade Level, who have not been excluded from state reporting but, have been excluded from ME i.e., their StudentEducationOrganizationRecord is not published but the attendance records are published.

PSSR-301737Ed-Fi Framework: Error running update

An error was found in a recent update that could disable Ed-Fi. This error has been resolved and will allow Ed-Fi to continue working.

PSSR-300661Ed-Fi: Publishing Logic Updates to Student Program

With this State Reporting Release, publishing logic for all of the Student Programs has been updated and the dependency on Student Demographic records has been removed. This will be applicable for all of the below-mentioned Student Program Types:

  • Student Programs (Additional Information)
  • Student Special Ed Programs
  • Student Alternative Education Programs
  • Student Title I Education Programs
  • Student Curricular Material Program Associations
PSSR-300836Ed-Fi: Student Demographics Publishing Updates

Student Demographics publishing for the IN DOE profile is updated to have the following publishing updates:

  • Records are not published until the school calendar's first day.
  • Records are not published for students with one-day mobility records.
  • Records are not published for students with Primary School of Enrollment marked No or False.
  • Publish the Students resource (demographics) only if:
    1. The student has an enrollment where:
      1. The Primary School of Enrollment is True
      2. The system date is on or after the Enrollment Entry Date.
      3. The system date is on or before the Enrollment Exit Date or the Exit Date is on or after the last day of the School Calendar.
    2. The system date is on or after the school calendar start date for the school year, the first in-session day
PSSR-300929New/Edited Student MLL/EL Records - Update

The following update is available for MLL/EL students:

If a student is given a new MLL/EL program record or an existing program record is edited, the student’s S_IN_STU_X.LEP_YN and S_IN_STU_X.ENG_Lang_Prof_Level fields are automatically updated, so that the student’s General, TI, and TL/TA tabs display the student’s current MLL/EL status and the current language proficiency level.

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