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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-251616All States/Provinces: Clock In / Clock Out Report Completes Successfully

Clock In / Clock Out Report: Version 1.2

The Clock In/Clock Out Report completes successfully for schools with multiple FTE's.


All States/Provinces: Digital Equity and Learning Preference link is Visible on Public Portal When Disabled

Digital Equity and Learning Preference public portal data entry has been updated and will no longer be visible when the district-level preference has not been enabled.
Additionally, when enabled, the icon in the public portal will display on the left navigation bar as expected.

PSSR-254532Ed-Fi IN 2 - Added New Field - Primary School of Enrollment

A new field, Primary School of Enrollment is added to the following student pages:

  • State/Province - Indiana -> General tab
  • Enroll New Student
  • Create New Enrollment
  • Edit Current Enrollment
  • Edit Previous Enrollment

When a new student is enrolled, this field is set to (Y) Yes by default. For existing students, the existing value in this field is copied from S_IN_STU_X to S_IN_REN_X, when a new enrollment is created.

From an Ed-Fi publishing standpoint: when this field is blank / null, the enrollment is processed the same as if the field were set to a value of (Y) Yes. For additional details, refer to the release note for PSSR-254100: Ed-Fi IN 2: Update PrimarySchool on StudentSchoolAssociations to use the new Primary School field.

PSSR-255155Ed-Fi IN 2 - Attendance Mode Override

A new Indiana-specific function is implemented to override the common Ed-Fi function for processing attendance.

PSSR-255141Ed-Fi IN 2 - New Preference: Attendance Mode

A new setting is added at the District Office, under School / School Info: 'Attendance Mode for Ed-Fi'. This setting displays at the bottom of Indiana School Calendar Information and specifies the attendance mode to use when processing and publishing attendance records for the selected school. Options include the following:

  • Use ATT_ModeMeeting records only (default value)
  • Use ATT_ModeDaily records only
PSSR-254102Ed-Fi IN 2 - Student Demographics - Country Code 196 is Invalid

Country Code '196' is no longer valid, and this option is removed from the option list.

PSSR-257051Ed-Fi Framework: Added Support for Default Daily Attendance Records for Daily Attendance Mode

Updated Ed-Fi framework to publish default daily attendance if attendance mode is Daily.
All the default records publish as present with an event duration of 1.

PSSR-257199Ed-Fi Framework: Added Support for Positive Attendance for Daily Mode Records

Updated Ed-Fi framework to publish positive daily attendance.
The values are pulled from the mapped code category and provided attendance values. If not mapped, it will publish the record as "In Attendance".

PSSR-254542Ed-Fi IN 2: Records With 'Exclude from ME' Flag Not Published When Publishing StudentEducationOrganizationAssociations

StudentEducationOrganizationAssociation resource is updated to not publish records of students where the "Exclude from ME Report" flag is set to True(1).

PSSR-254275Ed-Fi IN 2: Removed Unused Descriptors from the Code Set Mapping Page

The Code Set Mappings page for the IN DOE (EDFI_IN_2) profile displayed code sets that do not need to be mapped. As a result, the following descriptors are removed from the page:

  • AcademicSubject Descriptors
  • EntryType Descriptors
  • Calendar Descriptors
  • Schedule Descriptors
  • Staff Classifications
  • Behavior Categories
  • Disciplines
  • Reporter Descriptors
  • Incident Location Types.
PSSR-254100Ed-Fi IN 2: StudentSchoolAssociations Updated to Use New Primary School Enrollment Field

The StudentSchoolAssociations resource previously used ADM Type and Instructional Minutes to determine if a current enrollment was the student's primary enrollment, and reported all previous enrollments as primary.

The resource is now updated to report values based only on the newly introduced Primary School Enrollment field, for both current and previous enrollments. Values of 'Y' or null in this field are published as true, and an explicit designation of 'N' is published as false.

PSSR-254539Ed-Fi IN 2 -: Display Name of the StudentEducationOrganizationAssociations Resource is Updated from 'Student Demographics' to 'Responsible Organizations'

The display name of the StudentEducationOrganizationAssociations resource is updated from "Student Demographics" to "Responsible Organizations." This is visible when reviewing the Student Enrollments resource from the dashboard and choosing a data view, and also in the resource configuration editor under System setup. There is no functional change to how this resource publishes.

PSSR-241706Ed-Fi IN 2 - Convert GetCF to Direct Extended Fields

INSite EdFi
To improve performance all references to legacy custom fields have been updated to use extended tables and fields.

PSSR-253663INsite (EDFI_IN) - Student Demographics - Records Stuck In Dependency With Invalid Number Error

When attempting to publish student demographics records, and an included student has a non-numeric value in either [S_IN_STU_X] Unaccomplanied_Youth or [S_IN_STU_X] Active_Duty_Parent, all the job's records used to be stuck in dependency on Unique ID, even when the students have their IDs populated. In reality, the publishing was failing on an ORA-01722 (invalid number) error, which was visible in the diagnostic viewer.

The resource is updated to gracefully handle unexpected alphabetic values in the two affected fields. Values are not published for those specific fields, but the records as a whole publish successfully without being stuck in dependency.

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