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Setup / Quick Reference


Ensure that you have a currently supported version of PowerSchool SIS and State Reporting installed on your production server.

PowerSchool Core SIS Minimum Versions

  • or higher

  • or higher

PowerSchool SIS State Reporting Version

  • Ensure that you have installed the latest state reporting software.

Ed-Fi Setup and Configuration

Enable the Data Exchange (DEX) Plug-in

  • System, System Settings, Plug-in Management Configuration

Create an IN Ed-Fi Data Exchange Profile

System, System Settings, Plug-in Management Configuration, PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX), Profile Configuration

  • Enter a Profile Name. * The value entered should not exceed 20 characters

  • This name displays under the Data Exchange heading on the main PowerSchool menu

  • Select the 'Profile Type': EDFI_IN_2.

  • Select Enabled "ON"


For the 2023-24 profile, Districts can ignore the above step and should directly go to the below-mentioned steps.

View an example of the Profile Setup page.

Configure Ed-Fi Data Exchange

  1. Navigate to the System page.

  2. Under Data Exchange, click General Setup.

    • All Communication Settings, including School Corporation (LEA) settings, are profile-specific. Verify that you have selected the correct profile before making the following changes.

  3. Select the profile name set in step 2, above.

  4. Click Configure for each LEA that will be published:

    • If sub-district functionality has been enabled, an LEA record will be displayed for each sub-district that has been defined.

    • For each School Corporation (LEA):

      • Enable School Corporation (LEA).

      • Enter the Authentication Key provided to you by the DOE.

      • Enter the Authentication Secret provided to you by the DOE.

    • PowerSchool recommends that you test your connection after completing these communication settings.

      • Click Test Connection. A message appears to inform you whether or not the test was successful.

      • Click Save to record your settings after the test is successful.

    • Click Save to record the configuration settings for the selected School Corporation (LEA).

PowerSchool Ed-Fi Dashboard

On the start page, choose a profile under Data Exchange in the left navigation panel. This will open the Ed-Fi dashboard for the selected profile. The dashboard is categorized into three sections: Download Data, Publish Data, On Demand. Each offers a specific set of categories for processing.

Download Data

The Download Data section on the Ed-Fi Reporting page allows the user to view the status of the downloaded resources; data views provide the ability to drill down to the details within each data set and to access the values as provided by the Indiana Department of Education.

Currently, school corporations can only download data from Descriptors and Organization Directory resources in PowerSchool. The ability to download other resources will be added in a phased manner.

To download state values for Descriptors or Organizational Directory:

  • On the Ed-Fi dashboard page, click Run Now to the right of the desired category in the list, one at a time. The system automatically downloads the data to PowerSchoolThe Details section provides status information for downloads that have been initiated or completed

  • Downloading - reflects the current status of the download process. A value of Yes is used to indicate that a download for the selected item is in progress. The status reverts to No once the download has been completed

  • Downloaded - reflects the number of records downloaded for the selected item

Code Set Mapping

Local district and/or school codes must be mapped to the downloaded state descriptor values for data to be successfully published. In most cases, this mapping is handled internally within the PowerSchool Ed-Fi business logic. In some cases, local codes must be mapped by the district on the PowerSchool Ed-Fi Codes Set Mappings page.

Once the state-provided data is downloaded, you are ready to map the data using the Ed-Fi Code Set. To access the Code Set Mappings page, sign in to PowerSchool at the district level.

  • On the start page, choose System under Setup in the main menu.

  • Click the Code Set Mappings link is located under Data Exchange.

  • Select a Profile.

  • Select a Code Set category to modify. The code sets can be different for each implementation.

  • Once selected, use the table on the page to associate the PowerSchool codes on the left with the downloaded values from the state on the right.

  • Match up the locally configured PowerSchool codes with the supplied downloaded codes using the Selected Downloaded State Code pop-up menu.
    Note: Data using values that are not mapped cannot be published to the destination server.

  • Click Save after each Code Set category is mapped.

Publishing Data

Publishing data is typically done at the school level. The school corporations (LEA) can publish data for all schools; however, the data is published to the state Ed-Fi ODS per school.
The following categories publish automatically:

  • Student Demographics

  • Student Enrollments

    • Student School

    • Responsible Organizations

  • Student Accommodations (available in 2023-2024 School Year)

  • Staff Demographics and Associations

Currently, PowerSchool provides the ability to publish data from the following categories to the DOE.

  • Resources for 2020-2021 School Year:

    • Organization Calendars

    • Student Demographics (General tab)

    • Student Enrollments (RT, ME student tabs)

    • Attendance (AT)

  • Resources for 2021-2022 School Year:

    • Programs (TL, AD, ME, LM student tabs)

      • Specifics for each program category, including which programs MUST be closed at the end of each school year, are pending.

    • Staff Demographics

    • Staff Education Organization Associations (

      • Staff Assignments

      • Staff Contact Resources

    • Special Education (SE, EV, TR) - all data is sent in a single Program record

    • Additional programs required for July certification (AD tab)

* - indicates that this is currently under certification.

The ability to publish data for other categories will be added in a phased manner, and these instructions will be updated accordingly.

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