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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-223709CEDARS E Student Schedule File Update

E-Student Schedule File 2019-2020: Version 19.1
The E-Student Schedule File for 2019-2020 school year now extracts a value for credit earned when credit attempted has a value greater than zero. When the credit attempted field is blank or 0, credit earned and grade fields extract as blank.

PSSR-224639CEDARS H File Update

CEDARS - H - Student Grade History File: Version 19.1

CEDARS - H - Student Grade History File now pulls grades from all high school equivalent courses, including courses that can be taken at the middle school (grades 4-6).

PSSR-225306CEDARS S File Update for Action Duration

S - Students Restrained or Isolated File 2019-2020: Version 19.1

The Action Duration field for the CEDARS S file report now reports decimal values to the tenth place instead of to the hundredth place, per state requirements. Additionally, when the value is greater than zero but less than 0.25, the value is rounded up to 0.5 as 0 is not an allowed value.

PSSR-224710Incident Management Data Entry Update: Behaviors

The Incident Management seeding script was setting the comment_enable_state field as null for behavior subcodes. When a behavior subcode was selected while creating an incident, without first modifying the code through the UI, the page submission would fail.

The Incident Management seeding script is updated to populate the comment_enable_state field with the default value of 'Disabled,' which ensures that newly seeded records have the correct value going forward. Note: Another script updates the value for any records already seeded incorrectly. If you are affected by this issue, you do not need to re-run the load script.

PSSR-189569State Language Fields Do Not Display for Read-only Security Group Users

Read-only Access users will see all four Language fields and selected values for students:

  • Preferred Communication Language (Language the family prefers to use when communicating with the school.)
  • Primary Language (First learned language spoken by the student)
  • Language Spoken At Home (Primary language the student speaks at home)
  • Primary Language Used In Home (Regardless of the language spoken by the child.)

If the field does not have a value, the field will still display on the page, but the value column will be blank.

PSSR-224387Updates to Enrollment Entry/Exit Date Validations

On the Edit Enrollment pages, the validation that checks whether the Exit Date overlaps another enrollment is fixed to allow the date to exactly match the start date of the subsequent enrollment. This is a valid setup and should not be flagged as incorrect. Additionally, those validations that apply to only one date or the other (outside defined terms, overlaps another enrollment, before/after course enrollment) are now displayed only under the offending field, not both. The validations that apply equally to both fields (exit date before entry dates are in different year terms) continue to be displayed under both fields.

PSSR-224279Washington State Transcript 2008 and Beyond Update

Washington State Transcript 2008 and beyond: Version 2.9
Washington State Transcript 2008 and beyond report is updated and now pulls grades from all high school equivalent courses which can be taken in grades 4-6. Previously, the report was extracting grades 7-12 only.

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