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Race Codes: District

District race codes for the PowerSchool Federal Ethnicity and Race module found on the student Demographic page and staff Edit Information page.

The following district race codes must be manually set up or imported at the district level and populated for students and staff at the student and staff level.

The code values of H02 through H29 are OSPI's Hispanic sub-groups. Any student or staff marked as Hispanic must have one or more Hispanic sub-groups selected. Additionally, any student or staff marked as Hispanic needs to have a Race selection made. If the race selection is not made, the student will default to xx in the CEDARS Race File (M). A race code of xx will fail at OSPI when the file is submitted for CEDARS processing.

Refer to Old Code for 2017-18 CEDARS reporting and Code for 2018-19 CEDARS reporting.

Note: The Description wording for the Federal Race Category can be changed to meet local needs. The wording should be chosen to clearly indicate that a Hispanic sub-group may be selected and that a Race must also be chosen for the student or staff member. The Description field is limited to 40 characters. Some other suggested Category descriptions are:

  • If Hispanic=YES, pick SUB-GROUP(s)



Federal Race Category

Old Code
H00HispanicIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H01Not Hispanic/LatinoIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)10

If Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)


If Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)


If Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)

H05Chicano (Mexican American)

If Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)


If Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)


If Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)

H08Costa Rican

If Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)

H09CubanIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)55
H10DominicanIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)60 and 65
H11EcuadorianIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H12GuatemalanIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H13GuyaneseIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H14HonduranIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H15JamaicanIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H16MexicanIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H17MestizoIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H18Native If Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H19NicaraguanIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H20PanamanianIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H21ParaguayanIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H22PeruvianIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H23Puerto RicanIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)70
H24SalvadoranIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H26SurinameseIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H27UruguayanIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H28VenezuelanIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)N/A
H29Hispanic/Latino Write inIf Hispanic pick ethnic group (HISP)30, 75, 80, 85, 90

Note: The following district race codes must be manually set up or imported at the district level and populated for students and staff at the student and staff level. These codes further define the Federal Race Codes and are OSPI required setup. Students and staff can be assigned generalized race codes, such as A00-Asian, or sub-group race codes, such as A11-Japanese.

B00Black/ African-AmericanBlack/ African-American200
B01African AmericanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B02African CanadianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B03AnguillanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B04AntiguanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B05BahamianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B06BarbadianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B07Barthélemois/Barthélemoises (Saint Barthélemy)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B08British Virgin IslanderBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B09Caymanian (Cayman Island)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B10Cuba DominicanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B11Dominican (Dominican Republic)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B12Dutch Antillean (Netherlands Antilles)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B13GrenadianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B14GuadeloupianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B15HaitianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B16JamaicanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B17Martiniquais/Martiniquaise Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B18MontserratianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B19Puerto RicanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A 
B20Caribbean Write inBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B21AngolanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B22CameroonianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B23Central African (Central African Republic)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B24ChadianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B25Congolese (Republic of the Congo)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B26Congolese (Democratic Republic of the Congo)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B27Equatorial GuineanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B28GaboneseBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B29São ToméanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B30Principe Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B31Central African Write inBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B32BurundianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B33ComoranBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B34DjiboutianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B35EritreanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B36EthiopianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B37KenyanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B38Malagasy (Madagascar)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B39MalawianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B40Mauritian (Mauritius)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B41Mahoran (Mayotte)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B42MozambicanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B43ReunioneseBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B44RwandanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B45Seychellois/SeychelloiseBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B46SomaliBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B47South SudaneseBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B48SudaneseBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B49UgandanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B50Tanzanian (United Republic of Tanzania)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B51ZambianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B52ZimbabweanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B53East African Write inBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B54ArgentineBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B55BelizeanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B56BolivianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B57BrazilianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B58ChileanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B59ColombianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B60Costa RicanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B61EcuadorianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B62El SalvadoranBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B63Falkland IslanderBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B64French GuianeseBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B65GuatemalanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B66GuyaneseBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B67HonduranBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B68MexicanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B69NicaraguanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B70PanamanianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B71ParaguayanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B72PeruvianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B73South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B74SurinameseBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B75UruguayanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B76VenezuelanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B77Latin American Write inBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B78BotswananBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B79Mosotho (Lesotho)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B80NamibianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B81South AfricanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B82SwaziBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B83South African Write inBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B84BenineseBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B85Bissau-GuineanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B86Burkinabé (Burkina Faso)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B87Cabo VerdeanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B88Ivorian (Cote d’lvoire)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B89GambianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B90GhanaianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B91LiberianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B92MalianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B93MauritanianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B94Nigerien (Niger)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B95Nigerian (Nigeria)Black/ African-AmericanN/A
B96Saint HelenianBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B97SenegaleseBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B98Sierra LeoneanBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
B99TogoleseBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
C01West African Write inBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
C02Black Write inBlack/ African-AmericanN/A
W07Eastern European Write inWhiteN/A
W09Amazigh or BerberWhiteN/A
W10Arab or ArabicWhiteN/A
W11Assyrian WhiteN/A
W23Kurdish KuwaitiWhiteN/A
W30Saudi ArabianWhiteN/A
W34Middle Eastern Write inWhiteN/A
W35North African Write inWhiteN/A
N00American Indian/Alaskan NativeAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native495
N01Chinook TribeAmerican Indian/Alaskan NativeN/A
N02Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama NationAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native490
N03Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis ReservationAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native410
N04Confederated Tribes of the Colville ReservationAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native413
N05Cowlitz Indian Tribe          American Indian/Alaskan Native416
N06Duwamish TribeAmerican Indian/Alaskan NativeN/A
N07Hoh Indian Tribe      American Indian/Alaskan Native418
N08Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe      American Indian/Alaskan Native421
N09Kalispel Indian Community of the Kalispel Reservation       American Indian/Alaskan Native424
N10Kikiallus Indian NationAmerican Indian/Alaskan NativeN/A
N11Lower Elwha Tribal CommunityAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native427
N12Lummi Tribe of the Lummi Reservation                  American Indian/Alaskan Native430
N13Makah Indian Tribe of the Makah Indian Reservation           American Indian/Alaskan Native433
N14Marietta Band of Nooksack TribeAmerican Indian/Alaskan NativeN/A
N15Muckleshoot Indian TribeAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native436
N16Nisqually Indian Tribe         American Indian/Alaskan Native439
N17Nooksack Indian Tribe of Washington         American Indian/Alaskan Native442
N18Port Gamble S'Klallam TribeAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native445
N19Puyallup Tribe of Puyallup ReservationAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native448
N20Quileute Tribe of the Quileute Reservation American Indian/Alaskan Native451
N21Quinault Indian NationAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native454
N22Samish Indian Nation   American Indian/Alaskan Native457
N23Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe of Washington  American Indian/Alaskan Native460
N24Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe of the Shoalwater Bay Indian ReservationAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native463
N25Skokomish Indian TribeAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native466
N26Snohomish TribeAmerican Indian/Alaskan NativeN/A
N27Snoqualmie Indian Tribe          American Indian/Alaskan Native469
N28Snoqualmoo TribeAmerican Indian/Alaskan NativeN/A
N29Spokane Tribe of the Spokane ReservationAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native472
N30Squaxin Island Tribe of the Squaxin Island ReservationAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native475
N31Steilacoom TribeAmerican Indian/Alaskan NativeN/A
N32Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians of WashingtonAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native478
N33Suquamish Indian Tribe of the Port Madison ReservationAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native481
N34Swinomish Indian Tribal CommunityAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native484
N35Tulalip Tribes of WashingtonAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native487
N36Alaska Native Write inAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native488
N37American Indian Write inAmerican Indian/Alaskan NativeN/A
A01Asian Indian        Asian505
A07Chinese             Asian510
A08Filipino            Asian520
A09Hmong               Asian525
A10Indonesian          Asian530
A11Japanese            Asian535
A12Korean              Asian540
A14Malaysian           Asian550
A21Singaporean         Asian560
A22Sri LankanAsianN/A
A23Taiwanese           Asian565
A24Thai                Asian570
A26Vietnamese          Asian575
A27Asian Write inAsian599
P01CarolinianNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P02Chamorro        Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander620
P03ChuukeseNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P04Fijian     Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander615
P05i-Kiribati/GilberteseNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P06KosraeanNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P07MaoriNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P08MarshalleseNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P09Native HawaiianNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander605
P10Ni-VanuatuNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P11PalauanNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P12PapuanNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P13PohpeianNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P14SamoanNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander635
P15Solomon IslanderNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P16TahitianNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P17TokelauanNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P18Tongan              Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander640
P19TuvaluanNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P20YapeseNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific IslanderN/A
P21Pacific Islander Write inNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander620, 624, 630, 632, and 699
The Race Codes below are old race codes that do not map one-to-one with a new race code. They are not valid codes for new students or students who have been resurveyed. These Race Codes need to be retained during the 4-year window for resurveying students but can be removed after all students have been resurveyed.
200Black Or AfricanAmerican Black/ African-American200
405Alaskan NativeAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native405
410ChehalisAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native410
413Colville American Indian/Alaskan Native413
416Cowlitz American Indian/Alaskan Native416
418HohAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native418
421JamestownAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native421
424Kalispel American Indian/Alaskan Native424
427Lower ElwhaAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native427
430LummiAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native430
433MakahAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native433
436MuckleshootAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native436
439Nisqually American Indian/Alaskan Native439
442NooksackAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native442
445Port Gamble S’KlallamAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native445
448PuyallupAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native448
451Quileute American Indian/Alaskan Native451
454QuinaultAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native454
457Samish American Indian/Alaskan Native457
460Sauk-Suiattle American Indian/Alaskan Native460
463ShoalwaterAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native463
466Skokomish American Indian/Alaskan Native466
469Snoqualmie American Indian/Alaskan Native469
472Spokane American Indian/Alaskan Native472
475Squaxin IslandAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native475
478StillaguamishAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native478
481SuquamishAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native481
484Swinomish American Indian/Alaskan Native484
487TulalipAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native487
488Upper SkagitAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native488
490Yakama American Indian/Alaskan Native490
495Other Washington Indian American Indian/Alaskan Native495
499Other American IndianAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native499
505Asian IndianAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native505
507Cambodian Asian 507
510ChineseAsian 510
520FilipinoAsian 520
525Hmong Asian 525
530IndonesianAsian 530
535JapaneseAsian 535
540Korean Asian 540
545LaotianAsian 545
550MalaysianAsian 550
555Pakistani Asian 555
560SingaporeanAsian 560
565TaiwaneseAsian 565
570ThaiAsian 570
575VietnameseAsian 575
599Other Asian Asian 599
605Native HawaiianNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander605
615Fijian Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander615
620Guamanian/ChamorroNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander620
625Mariana IslanderNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander625
630Melanesian Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander630
632MicronesianNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander632
635SamoanNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander635
640Tongan Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander640
699Other Pacific IslanderNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander699
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