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Reporting Platform

Some Washington reports use the State Reporting Platform (SRP), which optimizes the performance of the report. The SRP report output is available in Report Queue > ReportWorks.

Setup is required to support SRP reports. Review additional information about configuring the State Reporting Platform.

SRP and ReportWorks Memory: SRP reports may enter the 'Running' status and never complete. Various errors are returned in the ReportWorks pearson-webapps log. A common error can be "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError".

In this situation, the PowerSchool Installer on the server should be checked and modified as appropriate. From the Installer Start page, select the Configure ReportWorks Service Memory Settings page. Verify that Service Maximum Memory and Service Initial Memory are set correctly. Refer to the Installation and Upgrade section for your version of PowerSchool to determine the proper values.

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