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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-2625192021-22 CEDARS Data Collection Updates

A variety of updates are introduced to support data collection for the 2021-22 CEDARS submissions.

A new value (16 - Walking restraint/escort/transport) is added as a sub-code to the Restraint incident action code.

Element U12 is renamed as "Reason for Late Transition from Part C." The two relevant inputs on the SPED Timeline entry page are relabeled accordingly.

Element V07 has numerous changes to the options set. Values 1-3 and 6-7 are now deprecated. Values 4, 5, and 8 are renamed. Values 10-18 are newly added. These changes are visible when the selected school year is 2021-22 or later.

PSSR-266190All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile (System Report) Update

Attendance Profile Report: Version 1.1
The Attendance Profile report PDF library is updated and the pagination from ‘Page X of Y’ to ‘Page X’.

Additionally, due to the large PDF size that can result if the report is run for a large selection of students, a validation is added to the report page to restrict the number of students to 200.

PSSR-265130All States/Provinces: DBMS_UTILITY.compile_schema Update

The RecompilePSSchema.sql files for all states are updated with the compile_all => FALSE constraint, in the DBMS_UTILITY function.

PSSR-265823All States/Provinces: Digital Equity and Learning Preferences Page Keeps Loading

Digital Equity and Learning Preferences page is updated to show the data while editing, even if there are special characters inside the data.

PSSR-259236All States/Provinces: Enable Digital Equity and Learning Preference in Public Portal Pref Does Not Save

The Miscellaneous page in District is updated to save the Pref to Enable Digital Equity and Learning Preference in the Public Portal correctly.

PSSR-262649B - District Student File 2020-2021 Contains Duplicate Records

B - District Student File 2020-2021: Version 20.4

The District Student File is updated to no longer report duplicate records when students have more than one ASVAB test in the Student Tests table.

PSSR-265675CEDARS 2020-21 Data Collection Changes

The following codes are added/updated to the relevant pages to support recently announced 2020-21 changes:

  • Student Supports:
    • Element V10 – Interventions Used
      • Category Name: Other/None
      • 47 Other Intervention
      • 48 No Interventions Used
    • Element V09 – Support Determination
      • 3 – Not screened, at risk
  • I File - Programs and Attributes:
    • New Reengagement Qualification Codes added:
      • 445 Goldendale School District ESD 105
      • 446 Highline School District PSESD 121
      • 447 Kent School District Renton Technical College
      • 448 Lumen Charter ESD 101
      • 449 North Franklin School District Walla Walla CC
      • 450 Freeman ESD 101
  • Student Language Code updates:
    • Codes Added:
      • 711 - Colville
      • 712 - Lummi
      • 710 - Marwari
      • 713 - Quilshootseed
      • 709 - Tok Pisin
      • 708 - Turkmen
    • Codes updated:
      • 571 - Odia
  • Q Student Growth File:
    • Updated option description of: ‘BM – Behavior Support and Monitoring’ for the following elements:
      • Element Q15 – Extended Learning Time Intervention Outside of Regular School Year/Day
      • Element Q16 – Intervention During Regular School Day
PSSR-261997CEDARS 21-22 Changes: Course Sequence Data Collection

The Courses, Sections, and Historical Grades setup pages are updated to include two new fields to collect course sequence information: "Sequence" and "Sequence Group"

  • Sequence: Used to designate the course or section is part of a sequence of classes that are typically scheduled together, and are expected to be taken in a particular order, and having the same state course code.
    • Example: A year-long Algebra 1 class that is either split into two separate S1 and S2 courses or is a single course split into two separate S1 and S2 sections.
  • Sequence Group: User-defined identifier unique to each set of sequential courses. This identifier is used to
    gather all courses part of the unique set.
    • Example: Algebra 1 S1 sections can be flagged with a sequence group of 'ALG1_S1' and Algebra 1 S2 sections flagged as 'ALG1_S2'

Note: For guidance from OSPI regarding Course Sequence, see pages 84-90 of the CEDARS 2021-2022 Reporting Guidance document.

PSSR-265794WA - CEDARS Vocational Completers by Teacher Update

The Vocational Completers by Teacher screen is updated to allow users to view/edit the following fields for the students listed in the teacher's sections:

  • Industry Recognized Certifications Earned?
  • Work-Based Learning Activities
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