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Export Student Lunch Classifications Report


This extract includes a record for each student Lunch classification. Use this report to verify that students are assigned the correct lunch classifications. Student lunch classifications are set up via Start Page > Student > State/Province - TN > Click HERE to Create/Edit this student's lunch related classification.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria determine which database records are used in the report. Refer to selection criteria for analysis when the report does not return the correct records.

Student Classification Selection

The report selects records from the [S_TN_STU_LunchClassification_C] table based on the following criteria:

  • The classification must be associated with the current school.
  • The classification begin date must occur before the last day of school.
  • The classification must end after the first day of school.

Note: The first and last days of school are determined based on the term selected at the top of the page when the report is run.

Report Input

For help with navigation and report generation, see How to Find and Generate a Report.



Processing Options

Choose a time to run the report from the pop-up menu:

  • In Background Now (Recommended) – Execute the report immediately in the background.
  • ASAP – Execute the report in the order it is received in the Report Queue.
  • At Night – Execute the report during the next evening.
  • On Weekend – Execute the report during the next weekend.
  • On Specific Time – Execute the report on the date and time specified.

Specific Date/Time

Enter a date using the format mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy in order to run the report on a specific day. The incorrect format displays an alert and the date field is submitted as a blank entry.

Use the pop-up menus to schedule the report to be run at a specific hour and minute.

Example: 7/29/2008 @ 10 AM : 05.

Extract Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

Item #

Data Element




Student Number

The student's locally assigned student number.




The student's first and last name.




The student's classification type.

See the Appendix for valid values.




The date that the classification began.




The date the classification no longer applies to the student.

Note: Do not report the last day of the school year.




The school ID.



State Student Number

The student's state student number



Grade Level

The student's grade level



Student ID

The student's internal ID


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