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Incident Management: Behavior Codes

The following codes are used when assigning behaviors to an incident.

Codes (Category)CategoryState Aggregate CodeState Detail CodeState ReportableCRDC
Behavior OtherOtherOtherNo

State OffenseState OffenseState OffenseNo

School ViolationSchool ViolationSchool ViolationNo

School Code of ConductSchoolCodeofConductSchoolCodeofConductNo
Behavior ReasonPossession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs1717YesCRDC_ExplWithServices


Possession of Rifle or shotgun1919Yes

Possession of explosive, incendiary device2020Yes

Non-lethal firearm2121Yes

Possession of weapon other than firearm2222YesCRDC_CorPunish

Possession, use, or distribution of alcohol2323YesCRDC_LawEnfReferral

Violation of School Rules2424YesCRDC_PhyRest, CRDC_MechRest

Theft of Property2525YesCRDC_Arrest

Vandalism/Damage of Property2626YesCRDC_Secl

Bomb threat2727YesUniRemov

Threat of mass violence on school property or at a school-sponsored event2828Yes


Assault of teacher or staff3232Yes

Assault of student3333Yes

Sexual Assault3434Yes

Aggravated assault of teacher or staff3535Yes

Aggravated assault of student3636Yes

Attempted homicide3737Yes

Possession of Handgun1818Yes

Harassment or Bullying-Disability4040Yes

Harassment/Bullying-Race, Color, National Origin4141Yes

Harassment or Bullying-Religion4242Yes

Harassment or Bullying-Sex4343Yes

Harassment or Bullying-Sex Orientation4444Yes

Harassment or Bullying-Physical Appearance4545Yes

Harassment or Bullying-Other4646Yes
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