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State Reporting Submission-Related Known Issues

For each release, known issues are reviewed and updated for each state report and state extract/functionality, regardless of whether any changes for reports and/or custom functions are included in that release. This page contains the known issues for each report/functionality as of the specified date.

Updated: April 3, 2018

Known Issue

Ed-Fi - Disable Student Contacts on Ed-Fi Dashboard

Issue: Student contacts are showing many errors and dependencies on the dashboard. At this time, most districts do not want to send contact information because it raises too many questions.

To remove student contacts from the Ed-Fi dashboard:

Note This process does not remove the category from the Ed-Fi dashboard, only the student contact numbers.

  1. Sign in as a district user.
  2. Under District, click System.
  3. Under Data Exchange, click Resource Configuration.
  4. Deselect Student Contact Relationship and Student Contact.
  5. Click Submit. The student contact numbers are removed from the dashboard.


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