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Create Selected District/School/Staff Extract File

The "Create Selected District/School/Staff Extract File" function allows the building of the following extracts: 010, 011, 020, 021, 030, 031, 060, 061, 062 and 063. The maintenance function to "Set Current Term Year" must be properly set to export the desired year. Selecting any extract will build the current data queued in the state event queue. Selecting extracts and using the "Extract ALL DATABASE RECORDS" will generate any queued delete records and then a complete set of new record for the selected extracts.

  1. On the Start page, click Special Functions. The Special Functions page appears.
  2. Click Interfaces to other systems. The Interfaces to Other Systems page appears.
  3. Click Tennessee Education Information System (EIS). The Tennessee Education Information System (EIS) page appears.
  4. Click the Extracts tab.
  5. Click Create Selected District/School/Staff Extract File. The Create User-Selected Extract File page appears.
  6. Select the desired extracts. If a full set of new extract records is required, select the "Extract ALL DATABASE RECORDS" option.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Click the View EIS Upload Files link on the Extract tab to view the extract file
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