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The Tennessee Educational Information System (EIS) is the Tennessee state reporting feature in PowerSchool related to extracts, imports and maintenance functions.

  1. On the Start page, click Special Functions. The Special Functions page appears.
  2. Click Interfaces to other systems. The Interfaces to Other Systems page appears.
  3. Click Tennessee Education Information System (EIS). The Tennessee Education Information System (EIS) page displays three tabs: Extract, Import, and Maintenance:

Extract Tab

Extract Options


Create Selected District/School/Staff Extract File

Use this option to build an EIS extract file for the selected extracts with unprocessed transactions in the StateEventQueue table. This includes the District, School and Staff extracts: 010, 011, 020, 021, 030, 031, 060, 061, 062, and the 063.

Note: Clicking Submit removes the current data stored in the StateEventQueue table after creating the selected EIS extracts.

Create Audit Based Extract File (015, 016, 022)

Use this option to preview and build extracts that built against audit tables. Currently the 022 is the only audit based extract.

Create Selected Student Related Extract File

Use this option to build an EIS extract file for the selected extracts with unprocessed student transactions in the StateEventQueue table.

Note: Clicking "Submit" removes the current data stored in the StateEventQueue table after creating the selected EIS extracts.

Recreate Student Transactions

Use this option to access the list of student extracts that can be recreated. This action can be completed for all students or the current student selection. Recreating student transactions removes and recreates data in the StateEventQueue for the selected students.

Note: This process only affects data in the StateEventQueue table. Click Create Student Related Selected Extract File link to create a student extract file.

Recreate Section/Staff Transactions

Use this option to recreate and extract individual class section data for the 030, 031, and 063 extracts and individual staff member data for the 060, 062, and 063 extracts. The function adds the data to the state event queue and the next time the extract is created the recreated data is included.

Note: The applicable "Recreate" checkbox must be selected on the specific section or staff member page. For details, see Extracting Data for an Individual Section, Extracting Data for an Individual Section Schedule, Extracting Data for a Specific Staff Member, Extracting Current Assignment Data for a Specific Staff Member or Extracting Data for a Specific Staff Member Class Assignment

Resend Student Data

Use this option to resend data for students in the current selection or all students in the school. The resend function completes the same basic functions as changing a student's enrollment date. The function generates 041 Delete records for existing school enrollments. When the 041 delete is processed, by building the 041 extract, the 041 delete records get built and 041 new records are created for current enrollment data into the extract file. In addition, records 042-052 and 081- 082 are queued for building.

Extract data must be built using the Create Selected Student Related Extract File function after the 041 delete is processed. The 080 records must be built separately using the Create Student Final Grades function.

Students with Pending Events

Use this option to view the list of students who are missing their state assigned student ID or student PIN. Click a student name to access their student information page.

Note: Students in the list are missing critical information that will cause their events, other than the 040 transactions, to be queued until corrected.

View EIS Upload Files

View and retrieve previously built extract files.

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Import tab

Import Options


Import Extract Element Configuration File

Use this option to import the TN-EIS-ElementImportFile.txt file. This file maps PowerSchool fields to the extract elements.

Note: Unless the file is imported, the fields will not be mapped and extracts will not be created.

Import State Assessments Scores

Use this option to import student based assessment scores into PowerTeacher Gradebook.

Schedule EDPlan Import

This allows EDPlan data to be imported into the Special Education tables found under the students State/Province page. This requires contact with EasyIEP/EDPlan to configure setup information.

EDPlan Import Errors

Lists errors resulting from scheduled EDPlan imports.

Import Dual Credit Challenge Exam Scores

This option allows the importing of statewide dual credit challenge exam scores into PowerSchool. The import will create a test and test results if the test does not exist and then import the test results for each student. The imported tests setup can be found under district setup > Tests. The student's challenge exam results can be found on the Student > Test Results page.

Automated import schedules are released via state reporting updates to manage the fall and spring imports for each school year. Please monitor release notes to determine when schedules are updated and ensure that the update is installed prior to the scheduled import date.

Dual Credit Challenge Exam Download History

This page displays details for each record that failed to import. The detail for each record in error includes the time of attempted import, the error message, the student's first and last name, the student's state student number and the full string of import text.

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Maintenance tab

Maintenance Options


Set Current Term Year

Use this option to set the current Tennessee reporting year. Select the "Set Current Term Year" checkbox on the Set Current Term Year page and then click Submit.

The year is determined by the Term value at the top of the page. To change the year, click Term at the top of the page. The Change Term page appears. Choose the appropriate term from the pop-up menu, and then click Submit.

Import District Name & Number File

Use this option to choose the district name and number file to import.

Report Periods

Report Periods are displayed based on 20 day increments of the school in-session calendar days. Changes to the in-session days will take up to two minutes to update in the reporting periods. If days are not present, alter an in-session day, then alter it back, and wait two minutes to view the report periods.

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