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Student with Pending Events

The Students with Pending Events page indicates students with transactions that were attempted to be sent to the state, but who are missing a student PIN (if configured to send student PIN in district setup), state student number or instructional service type on a school enrollment. Student transactions other than the 040 are held in a pending state until the required student PIN, state student number or instructional service type is entered.

Note: When configured to send SSN (in district setup) if the SSN and PIN are not present the records are not held in a pending state. This is a known to be addressed in a future release. The workaround is to leave the instructional service type blank until either the SSN or PIN are populated.

  1. On the Start page, choose Special Functions from the main menu. The Special Functions page appears.
  2. Click Interfaces to other systems. The Interfaces to Other Systems page appears.
  3. Click Tennessee Education Information System (EIS). The Tennessee Education Information System (EIS) page appears.
  4. Click the Extract tab.
  5. Click Students with Pending Events.
  6. Review the students being held in a pending state and make corrections as needed.
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