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Resend Student Data

The "Resend Student Data" function will generate 041 enrollment delete events to the state event queue for the selected students. When the 041 extract is built using the "Create Selected Student Related Extract File" function the 041D will generate all 041 and subsequent events to the state event queue. The 041 records are built into an extract file at the time the 041 delete is processed and all other events are built, if selected, or remain queued in the state event queue until such time that they are built. This includes new transactions for the 042-052 and 081-083 data. This effectively resendx the student membership data to EIS at the time all the queued extract data is built and uploaded to EIS. The resend student data function does not generate events for the 080 grade data. The 080 grade data must be generated separately using the "Create Student Final Grades" function.

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