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Import Dual Credit Challenge Exam Scores

The "Import Dual Credit Scores" function enables the user to view the automated import schedule and to manually execute the import dual credit challenge exam scores function.

The automated import schedule is managed through state reporting release updates. Please review release notes to determine when a new automated schedule is provided and ensure that the update is applied before the import date. The import will execute on the date indicated, scores will be imported and the dual credit challenge exam download history can be viewed to see logged information.

When manually executing the function the user needs to input the "Term and Year to Import" and press "Import Now" button. Once submitted, the database that houses the assessment scores is contacted and the scores are downloaded and imported into PowerSchool. The function will create new Tests and Test Results in the district setup, if the statewide dual credit test does not exist. Student data will then be imported against the new tests into the student's test results under the new Statewide Dual Credit test that was created.

Note: The term will always be either S for spring or F for fall and the year will be the corresponding year to be imported. For example, fall of 2015 would result in F2015 being entered in the "Term and Year to Import".

  1. On the Start page, click Special Functions. The Special Functions page appears.
  2. Click Interfaces to other systems. The Interfaces to Other Systems page
  3. Click Tennessee Education Information System (EIS).
  4. Click the Import tab.
  5. Click Import Dual Credit Scores State Assessment Scores.
  6. Enter the term and year to import.
  7. Click Submit.


  • The import attaches "StatewideDC" to each test name. If the test name exceeds 35 characters with this attachment, it instead attaches "SDC" to the test name.
  • The following is a sample decode for use with the transcript object report to pull the term/year as expected on the transcript. This decode uses the test date and converts it into the expected format, for example "Spring/2015".
    • Please include this in your transcript to obtain the desired output:
      ^(decode;(f.table_info;table=Studenttest;fn=value;dothisfor=currentsel;field=test_date; *id=([89]studenttestid);dateformat=MM);01;Spring;02;Spring;03;Spring;04;Spring;05;Spring;06;Spring;07;Fall;08;Fall;09;Fall;10;Fall;11;Fall;12;Fall)/(f.table_info;table=Studenttest;fn=value;dothisfor=currentsel;field=test_date; *id=([89]studenttestid);dateformat=YYYY)
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