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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-225672Add Additional Value to Student Suffix Field

The student Suffix drop-down list on the State/Province - TN page is updated with a new option of "V".

PSSR-228490Ed-Fi Framework: Performance Improvement Update

Performance improvements are made to the publishing of data.

PSSR-232618Modify the URL in the Dual Credit Import

The Dual Credit Challenge Exam Scores import process is modified to use the correct URL to get the exam results.

PSSR-223830New TN State/Province Page Validations

Page validations are added on the Tennessee Student Information page and the Tennessee State Information > Student Classification > New Student Classification and Edit Student Classification pages to prevent the selection of the "00" value from the ''Homeless Primary Night Time Residence" field when a classification record of type H is added or deleted.

PSSR-231807TN Extract 049 Add New Attendance Code D for Distance Learning/Virtual Classrooms

Extract 049 is now reporting a new attendance type of D for students who have an attendance code of D for a day of Daily attendance or for any period of Meeting attendance. This meets TDOE's new requirement for Attendance Code of D: Distance Learning/Virtual Classrooms.

PSSR-225315TN XAP Student Transcript Updates

XAP Student Transcript, Version 2.5
The XAP Student Transcript report is updated as follows:

  • A new Not Include Class Rank checkbox is added on the report parameter page.
  • If the Not Include Class Rank checkbox is selected, -1 is reported as the class rank.
  • If the Not Include Class Rank checkbox is not selected, the class rank is pulled based on the Select Weighted GPA parameter.
PSSR-230450Two New Fields Added for Dual Credit Import Auto Schedule Setup

Two new fields, Dual Credit Import Term and Dual Credit Import Date, are added to the TN State Information section of the District > District Info page. These fields are used to collect the Term and Date to set parameters at the district level for the auto-schedule of the Dual Credit Import file.

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