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How Ed-Fi Support is Enabled in PowerSchool

The Integrated Data Exchange with Ed-Fi is installed automatically as part of state reporting releases. Data is securely transferred between PowerSchool and the State Ed-Fi systems using secure HTTP with each LEA receiving separate security credentials as specified by the SEA. Transferred data must be formatted per the published Ed-Fi specification, an Application Programming Interface (API) based on Representational State Transfer (REST) to create, read, update, or delete information using HTTP.

The Ed-Fi REST API is key to the Integrated Data Exchange with Ed-Fi. It provides the following services:

  • Automatic Request of any missing state IDs for students, contacts, and staff;
  • Download data including state course codes, programs, code lists, education organizations, assessment results, and data published to the Ed-Fi data store by other vendors and other LEAs;
  • Upload data on an as-needed basis;
  • Publish data changes in near real time;
  • Publish/Receive student transfer data;
  • Process student transfer data;
  • Report data quality issues.

Note: State-specific setup and configuration is required to use Ed-Fi in PowerSchool. Refer to the Ed-Fi Getting Started Guide and State Reporting Setup for further information.

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