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Work Around for Printing Early Graduates on the TN11 Report

Early graduates are students who completed their graduation requirements prior to the spring graduation date. Because those students are in a transferred out status, and since the report will not pick up inactive records, the following work around is required until the report is corrected.

The following selections in DDA can be used to isolate the records. Do not take these steps if you are not familiar with and understand the risk and ramifications of altering data through DDA.

  1. Navigate to DDA.
  2. In the Students table, search the first field as students where the SchoolID is = to the SchoolID being worked with (example value would be 40 for school 40).
  3. Search the second field as ExitCode is = to the exit code for early withdrawal (example W12).
  4. Click Search all xxxxx records in this table.
  5. In the Students table, search the first field as students where enroll_status is = to 2.
  6. Search the second field as exit date is > xx/xx/xxxx (Example – exit date should be greater than the first day of school. This should find all students in the school with an early graduate exit code that are inactive with an exit date in the current year).
  7. Click Search within the current xx records only.
  8. Click Modify Records and choose enroll_status and set to 0.
  9. When the records have been changed, run the TN11 Roster of Graduates Summary.
  10. After the report has run, go back to DDA and click Modify Records and change the enroll_status of the group back to 0.

Note: Do not complete any other student related tasks once the selection has had the enroll status altered to prevent losing the current student selection. Another option is to save the student selection before altering the enroll_Status to prevent losing the group of students.

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