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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-263484All States/Provinces: Asset Inventory Enterprise Report

A new Asset Inventory Enterprise Report is now available for Enterprise Report Managers to add to their list of published Enterprise Reports.

This Enterprise Report requires the Asset Tracking functionality in PowerSchool SIS 21.4.0 or newer.

PSSR-263489All States/Provinces: Asset Management Enterprise Report

A new Asset Management Enterprise Report is now available for Enterprise Report Managers to add to their list of published Enterprise Reports.

This Enterprise Report requires the Asset Tracking functionality in PowerSchool SIS 21.4.0 or newer.

PSSR-262117All States/Provinces: Compliance Pages Updates to Support the New User Experience

The Staff Information page is updated and displays correctly without any errors when New User Experience is enabled.

PSSR-260209All States/Provinces: Health Report Update - Vision and Hearing

Health Report: Version 1.2
The Report has been updated and now pulls the Display Value (rather than the State Name) when outputting Vision & Hearing (Color Blindness and Outcome) screening results.

PSSR-258099All States/Provinces: Medication List Report Update

Medication List Report: Version 2.0

The Medication List report updated and now runs and completes as expected when a medication has a time value entered.

PSSR-259912Incident Management Setup: Load Code/Subcode Script for TN State Reporting

A Repo-Schema script is created for the Incident Management codes and subcodes that are required for Tennesse State Reporting. A new Discipline Codes and Subcodes Status field is added to the State Information section on the Start Page > District Setup > District Information page.

To activate the codes after installing this release, complete the following: Initiate the loading of the codes by navigating to District > District Info and click the Load Codes/Subcodes link. The new Incident Management codes will be added to the database after either a) the hourly process runs, or b) PowerSchool is restarted.

  • Codes for State Reporting have been created in each of the following areas:
    Action Codes
    Action Attributes
    Behavior Code
    Duration Codes
    Incident Type
    Location Codes
    Object Codes
    Participant Role Codes
PSSR-259913One New Fields Added for selection of Log and Incident Management

Reporting Discipline field added to the TN State Information section of the District > District Info page. This field is used to choose between Incident Management and log for reporting discipline to the state.

PSSR-262372TN - Director's Membership/Attendance - Provide Option to Run Reports in Batch for Schools and District

Director's Membership/Attendance Report: Version 3.2

District Summary checkbox has been removed. Instead a dropdown parameter “Summary Options” has been included in the report with the below options:

  • Output By School [ Default option]
  • Output By School with District Summary
  • District Summary Only
PSSR-260162TN – Directors Membership/Attendance Audit 2.7 Not Reporting All Students - Development

Director’s Membership/Attendance Audit report now includes students whose enrollment exit date is one day prior to the course enrollment exit date.

PSSR-260843Updates to Language Codes for SY21-22

The language codes (arc) and (fra) are identified as obsolete or invalid for the 2021-2022 school year by the state reporting system are now inactive in PowerSchool for 2021-2022 and cannot be selected from the Native Language field drop-down list.

PSSR-263023CRDC Common Data Collection Implementation for 2020–2021

The following new data collection and updates for the 20-21 submission are added to the Common CRDC pages:

  • PENR-6 is moved to a deprecated fields section on the Sections and Courses pages.
  • Updated the School CRDC page with new or updated data collection:
    • DIND-1 and DIND-2: COVID-related Directional Indicators (New)
    • OFFN-10 'Offenses - Allegations Against School Staff (Duty Reassignment)' (New)
    • Elements OFFN-6 through OFFN-9 are updated to have corrected title wordings.
  • Collection year is removed from all CRDC pages.

Note: These new data fields and changes are applicable to states that have implemented Common CRDC pages. State-specific CRDC pages will be updated in a future release.

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