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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-257645All States/Provinces: Office Visit Clinic Log Update for Multi-Select Fields in PowerSchool 21.4

Office Visit Clinic Log Report: Version 1.1
As the fields listed were changed to multi-select in PowerSchool version 21.4, the Office Visit Clinic Log is updated to handle multiple saved values for the Outcome field.
The report works as expected for districts that upgrade to PowerSchool version 21.4 as well as previously supported versions of PowerSchool.

  • Assessment
  • Visit Reason
  • Visit outcome
  • Procedure
  • Treatment


CRDC common data collection implementation for 2020-2021

The Common Data Entry updates for the 2020-2021 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) are now available.

  • The Schools/School Info CRDC page is updated to include:
      • Data entry for aggregate sexual assault or rape offenses involving staff members. This is optional for the 2020-2021 collection.
      • Data entry for aggregate staff and security staff FTE counts.
    • The Courses and Sections CRDC pages are updated to no longer allow the selection of the AP category “OT – Other”.
    • Data elements that are no longer collected for the 2020-21 submission are moved to deprecated field sections at the bottom of the respective CRDC pages.

    These new data fields and changes are applicable to states that have implemented Common CRDC pages. State-specific CRDC pages will be updated in a future release. Student discipline CRDC updates for all states will also be implemented in a future release.

    PSSR-246461041 Extract Runs But Never Completes

    Ported 41 extract code to Java and removed virtual table SQL calls. Updated Create User-Selected Extract File page to submit all extracts, with the exception of extract 49, directly to Java and bypass the 4J code.

    PSSR-252726Create Quartz Job and Supporting UI

    Created a Quartz job for TN processing of attendance records for the 049 extract.
    Created a Schedule Nightly Process under the EIS Maintenance tab for scheduling the time the job should run.

    PSSR-256931Ed-Fi Framework: Codeset Mapping Drop-down Fields Ordered Alphabetical

    In Code Set Mapping and Code Set Mappings (other) pages, the Code Set Mapping drop-downs fields are now ordered alphabetically.

    PSSR-257204EIS 041 - Extract is not generating correct results on the update of Primary DistrictID or SchoolID

    TN EIS 041

    The 041 extract is now generating correct results when updating the Primary DistrictID and the Primary SchoolID.

    PSSR-255923EIS 063 - Update to Use DCF Events and State Apps

    Updated to Use DCF Events and State Apps for 063.

    PSSR-258924Error Occurs When Deleting a Previous Enrollment Record

    Corrected the errors for records 043 and 050 while deleting the previous enrollment records.

    PSSR-252430Remove UI Triggered Events for the 60, 62 and 63

    Removed UI Triggered Events for the 60, 62, and 63.

    PSSR-252087SQL Statements for the 030 and 031 Related to Moving the ReCreate Out of 4J Code

    Moved the SQL code from 4J to Java. There is a UI change on the Recreate Section/Staff Transactions page where the 030's extracts are now on the same form as the 060's extracts.

    PSSR-252090SQL Statements for the 040, 041, and 048 Related to Moving the ReCreate Out of 4J Code

    Moved the SQL code from 4J to Java. There is a UI change on the Recreate Student Transactions page where the 040, 041, and 048 extracts are moved to a separate form.

    PSSR-258710Typo on Export Club Membership Report Comment

    Export Club Membership Report: Version 1.1

    The typo on Export Club Membership Report comment is resolved.

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