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Ed-Fi Troubleshooting

Ed-Fi Dashboard Messages

The following messages can appear at the top of the Ed-Fi Dashboard.



Definitions for detecting data changes are out-of-date. Please restart PowerSchool when convenient to update definitions.

This message means that the way changes are tracked in the PowerSchool system was altered, and PowerSchool must be restarted for the changes to be accepted. Restart PowerSchool to update the definitions.

DEX functionality is currently DISABLED. Only review capabilities are available until DEX is re-enabled on the DEX Setup page.

The DEX System is disabled.

To enable DEX:

  1. Navigate to District Office > System > General Setup under Data Exchange.
  2. Ensure that System Enabled is On.
  3. Navigate to District Office > System > System Settings > Plugin Management Configuration
  4. Ensure that the PowerSchool Data Exchange plugin is enabled.

Refer to the PowerSchool Data Exchange documentation for more information.

Publishing Data

The Ed-Fi Dashboard is listed in a hierarchy of categories. Most of the time, each category is dependent on the category before it. When publishing data from the Ed-Fi Dashboard, PowerSchool recommends that you start at the top and work your way down. Start with the first category, Organization Setup, and then move to the next category, Organization Calendars. Once Organization Calendars is complete, then move on to Organization Schedules and so on. Resolve as many dependencies or errors in a category as possible before moving on to the next category.


Dependencies on a record are due to either 1) missing or invalid data, or 2) an unpublished reference record. For example, a student may be missing a Unique ID; this would cause their record to be in dependency. Another example would be a Student Section record trying to publish with a dependency on Section Record. This dependency can occur if the Student Section record has tried to publish before the Section record has been published. Remember that the Dashboard is listed in order of Dependency, so always start publishing from the top and work your way down. Below are some common dependencies and their resolution.



Student/Staff Unique ID

Record is missing the required State Assigned Unique ID. For states where the Unique ID can be requested on the student or staff page, select the request button and acquire the Unique ID. Otherwise, follow your state process for obtaining the Unique ID. Once a new ID is assigned, go to the Ed-Fi Dashboard and run Publish Missing for the given record type.

Student School Association

The Student record cannot be published until the record is claimed on the state side. To claim the record, the Student School Association record must be published. Start by running Publish Missing on the Student Enrollments category to publish the association records. When Student Enrollments is published, run Publish Missing on Student Demographics to retry the records.

Staff School Association

The Staff record cannot be published until the record is claimed on the state side. To claim the record, the Staff Employment record must be published. Start by running Publish Missing on Staff Associations to publish the associations records. When Staff Associations is published, run Publish Missing on Staff Demographics to retry the records.

Alternate Course Number not set

Either the Alternate Course Number has not been set on the Course, or the Alternate Course Number is not a valid state course number. Update the Alternate Course Number and run Publish Missing on Organization Schedule.

Missing Section Meeting Record

The Section does not have a period selected. Add a period to the section and run Publish Missing on Organization Schedules.

Section Record

The section record has not published. Check Organization Schedules and look for Dependencies or Errors on the section record in question. If there are no errors or dependencies, run Publish All on Organization Schedules, which will publish the missing section record, and then run Publish Missing for the category where this dependency was found.

XYZ Record

The referenced record for this record has not been published. Check the referenced record and determine if there is another dependency. If there is no other dependency, run Publish Missing to retry the record.

Common Errors

Errors typically occur when data is being published to the state, but something happens in the transmission of the record and it is rejected on the state side. Below are some common errors that can occur and how to resolve them.



An unexpected error occurred on the server.

This error is typically due to an issue on the state end. Retry publishing the record using Publish Missing, Retry Errors, or Publish Errors. If this results in another 500 error, the state will need to be contacted to determine the issue on their end.


Service Unavailable

This error is due to an issue on the state-side server where the Ed-Fi system is not running properly on their servers. Contact the state with this error code. Once the state has resolve the issue, run Publish Errors on the Dashboard.


Validation of 'XYZ' failed. StudentUniqueId/StaffUnqiueId is required.

This error can occur when there is a problem in the Ed-Fi system or when the Unique ID of the student or staff member has changed. If other data is publishing normally, then the Ed-Fi system is working correctly. Run a Publish Missing or a Publish Errors on the category.


The value supplied for the related 'XYZ' resource does not exist.

This error occurs when PowerSchool shows that the parent resource, XYZ, has been published, but the state does not have the records in their system. To resolve this issue, do a Publish All on the Category that contains the XYZ resource.


A natural key conflict occurred when attempting to create a new resource with a duplicate key. This is likely caused by multiple resources with the same key in the same file. Exactly one of these resources was inserted.

This error means that the state already has information for this record and is unable to insert the data that PowerSchool is trying to publish. In most cases, marking the record to be deleted, and then later republishing the record solves this error.

With Staff Demographic, this error is related to the Licensure Check value of the staff member. This value is not required once a License Number is populated. Blank out the value by choosing Select Licensure Check and then republish the record using Publish Missing.

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