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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-293646All States/Provinces: Attendance Change History Report - Report Parameter Update

Attendance Change History Report: Version 1.1

The Attendance Change History report page has been updated and now the report parameter drop-down boxes will populate as expected after moving the view to a repo schema call.

PSSR-297153All States/Provinces: Digital Equity & Learning Preference - Localization Update

Additional References: PSSR-297785

The Digital Equity & Learning Preferences screens in the portals listed below can now be localized:

  • Admin Portal
  • Parent Portal
PSSR-289865All States/Provinces: Enrollment Entry-Exit Code List Changes

To support the Entry/Exit Code changes in PowerSchool 22.5.0 and maintain backward compatibility with earlier versions of PowerSchool, updates have been made and now the end users will see the following:

  • PowerSchool version 22.5.0 (or greater) - The Entry/Exit Codes will show as inactive after the defined effective end date.
  • PowerSchool versions prior to 22.5.0 - Entry/Exit Codes will behave as they always have (cannot be inactivated).
PSSR-280589All States/Provinces: Student Incident Profile Update

Student incident Profile: Version 1.2

The Student Incident Profile report has been updated and will now print the incident description up to 4000 characters.

PSSR-248758All States/Provinces: System Log Error - "Field not added due to unsupported attribute" Update

The validation has been updated and this error will no longer propagate in the system log.

PSSR-282994All States/Provinces: Updated Contact Tracing System Report

Contact Tracing Report: Version 1.5

The Contact Tracing report has been updated to resolve the following error:

ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row.

PSSR-294880BOY 22-23 Club/CTSO, Extract 52 updates

The following changes are made to the club membership page

  1. Clubs has been renamed to CTSO.
  2. Two new fields, CTSO ChapterID, X(20) and CTSO MembershipID, 9(9) have been added. Extract 52 has been enhanced to show these new fields.
  3. Valid CTSO ID’s for 2022-23 are:
    • DECA-Distributive Education Clubs of America
    • FBLA-Future Business Leaders of America
    • FCCLA-Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
    • FFA-Future Farmers of America
    • HOSA-Health Occupations Students of America
    • SkillsUSA- Skills USA
    • TSA-Technology Student Association
    • Other- Specify by reported agency
PSSR-294882TN - BOY 22-23 Student Enrollment / Extract 41 updates

Extract 41 has been updated as follows:

  • "Immunization Record on File" - displays a student’s Immunization Status [Y - Yes, N - No, M - Medically Waived, R - Religiously waived)
  • "Number of Years of El Services" - total No of ELS Years for the student based on the Date First Enrolled in ESL Program field.
  • New Enrollment Entry Code “E2 - Trans from NonPublic/HomeSchool only” is added. This indicates “Transfer from a private, parochial, or home school and not having dropped out or enrolled in another Tennessee public school this year”.
PSSR-294879TN - BOY 22-23: New Attendance Categories / Codes. Extract 049 updates.

Extract 049 is updated with the following new Attendance Categories and Code.

  • New Attendance Categories:
    • Homebound- Homebound
    • DLV - Distance Learning – Virtual Classrooms
  • New Attendance Codes:
    • H - Homebound Present
    • I - Homebound Absent
    • N- Virtual Class Room (Present)
    • Y - Absent due to Quarantine (existing Excused Absence category)
  • For the existing Attendance Category DL, the description is updated as: Distance Learning - Due to Quarantine
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