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Student WIDA Information

This new page is added to capture and manage WIDA assessment results for a student. The test scores can be imported or entered directly on this page. The test scores can also be modified as required.

This section can be accessed through the Student’s State Information Page where a separate section has been added to access the WIDA Test Results.

Entering Student WIDA Information

  1. On the Start page, select a student, and under the Student WIDA Information section, click HERE to add or edit WIDA information.

  2. Click New.

  3. Under the Option section, select the assessment type as WIDA Screener or WIDA Alternate Screener.

  4. Enter an assessment date.
    The Term and Grade Level values are populated automatically.

  5. Under the Score section, enter scores for the following as required:

    1. Listening

    2. Speaking

    3. Reading

    4. Writing

    5. Oral Language Composite

    6. Literacy

    7. Comprehension

    8. Overall Composite

  6. Click Submit.

After you click Submit, the record is temporarily stored in a log table. From the log table, the record is copied to the S_TN_STU_X table. If there are multiple WIDA assessments for a student, the record with the latest assessment date is stored in the S_TN_STU_X table.

Editing Student WIDA Information

When you navigate to this page, click the relevant record under the Assessment Type column to edit. After updating the record, click Submit.

Note: In the edit mode, to the delete the record, click Delete. The record will be permanently deleted from the S_TN_STU_X table.

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