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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-282068All States/Provinces: CRDC 2020-2021 Report: Common PDF Template Updates

The CRDC 2020-2021 Report common PDF template is updated to correct various spelling errors and item label updates.

PSSR-281432CRDC 2020-2021 Report: Common Submission Files Update 

The common (across all states) CRDC 2020-2021 Report's school submission files will no longer insert an extra carriage return or add extra columns under certain data scenarios.


CRDC 2020-2021 Report: Sub-District Validation Improvement

The CRDC 2020-2021 Report is updated to display an informational message in the District (LEA) PDF file letting administrators know when required sub-district setup elements are missing.

PSSR-280764TN 046 - Ghost Records Created in Extract

The invalid additional records for inactive students are no longer being included in the TN 046 extract.

PSSR-281016TN 046 - Inconsistently Pulling/Not Pulling the 'Instructional Program Number' In The File

The 'Instructional Program Number' is now pulled correctly on EIS file for the TN 046 extract.

PSSR-281259TN 060 Extract - Not Creating Event or Allowing Recreate for Staff

The TN 060 extract is now creating and recreating District Staff as needed.

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