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Data Items Influencing the TN04 Report

Some of the data items that influence the TN04 report are as follows:

  • The entry code cannot be blank for a student that is to be reported to the state; this will result in the student record not calculating in the report. The entry code may be blank if the student should not calculate in the report; this may be the case with a Georgia or private school student.
  • Withdrawn student who does not have a withdrawal code.
  • Gender missing.
  • Ethnicity missing.
  • Grade level (students with out of range grade levels, i.e. grade 5 in a middle school)
  • Standard day missing.
  • Full time equivalency missing.
  • Complete schedule missing.
  • Enroll date in class is prior to entry date in school.
  • Exit date from class is date prior to entry date.
  • Entry date or Exit date of a class not inclusive in the school calendar.
  • Grade N students must have a special program option 07, 08 or 09 entry in this school year and must have both a start date and an end date. Each entry is associated with a school year. Editing will not fix.
  • Marking a student as funding ineligible will cause the student record to be left off the TN04.
    Note: See the Student > State/Province – TN page to modify the student's funding ineligibility status.
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