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Methods to Check that End of Month Membership on both the TN04 and TN13 are Correct

  • Compare the end of month totals from the two against one another – TN04 vs. TN13.
  • Use *as of //2012 in order to get a count of the students who were active at a school on the last day of the reporting period. The end of month total should match that number.
  • Run the enrollment summary off the main menu of PowerSchool.
  • Run the ADA/ADM by grade level and look at the final count of students for the end of that month and compare against the TN04 and TN13.
  • Try to run the reports at the end of the last day of the reporting cycle to insure good numbers, or do a data pump to a test server of that day's business and work from the test server. Any changes that have to be made in the test server in order to get the report to balance should also be performed in the production server.
    Note: Some districts run a test set of TN04 and TN13 reports a couple of days early in order to spot problems and have some time to fix by the 20th day.
  • Check for any future entries of students.
  • Check for students with no schedule. There is a report available in System Reports that can be run in order to find those students. Go to System Reports > Custom Reports > Live Scheduling > Student Free. If the report is not available then the report can be found on Power Solutions. The report runs quickly and runs one day at a time so the school will have to run it 20 times – once for each day of report cycle. If the report is not available then the report can be found on PowerDataSolutions at the following location:
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