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Selection Criteria for the TN08 Report

The following selection criteria can be used as a check list to search for a ADA/ADM problems:

  • Student criteria
  • The student must be enrolled in the school during the reporting period selected at report runtime.
  • Attendance is only calculated for sections in which the student is enrolled that are not marked as Exclude from Attendance.
  • The student must have an entry code that is valid, i.e. E, E1, EC, TR, TC.
  • Special education students (Options 07, 08, and 09) must have a current year primary option of 07, 08, or 09 and a beginning and ending date within the school calendar. End dates are as critical as begin dates.
  • Bell schedules
  • The TN08 state report does not rely on the value of the class duration field on the sections page. The times of the classes are taken from the bell schedules.
  • The TN08 is only as accurate as the bell periods in school setup. Be sure that:
  • The number of periods in the day are correct.
  • The amount of time assigned to each period is correct.
  • Thirty (30) minutes for lunch has been subtracted from the length of the instructional day as defined in the bell periods.
  • Course – Vocational courses must be marked in the Department field with the appropriate vocational code, i.e. ME, TEE, TI, FCS, FCSO, HS, etc.
  • Sections
  • Make sure that no section is marked to exclude from attendance.
  • Make sure that all sections have a period assigned (expression). Failure to do this will exclude the section and all assigned students from the TN08 report.

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