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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-282493All States/Provinces: PowerTeacher Multi-Day Attendance Page "No Blank Attendance" Update for Future Attendance

Multi-Day Attendance page has been updated and will no longer require attendance be entered for future dates for the page to be submitted when "No Blank Attendance" setting is enabled.

PSSR-2846144061 FTE Report Update

4061 FTE Report: Version 1.8

The following updates are made to the Summary of Membership (F.T.E.) section of the report:

  • Line 52 ‘Subtract Non-Resident special education pupils without release form’ - totals the special education Section 52 and Section 53 FTE for students who have a Student Residency Code of '(05) No Cooperative Agreement, No Release, Not Exempted’.
  • Line 55 ‘Subtract Non-Resident general education pupils without release form’ - totals the general education FTE for students who have a Student Residency Code of '(05) No Cooperative Agreement, No Release, Not Exempted’.
PSSR-287822Ed-Fi Framework: Records Publishing Incorrectly When Using Subdistricts

An issue was found in the Ed-Fi Framework when creating publishing batches for subdistricts where the system was getting records incorrectly thus creating errors. Typically, republishing would clear the errors and allow the records to publish. The system has been corrected to prevent these errors and allow data to flow correctly.

It is recommended for systems setup using sub districts to republish all data from their Ed-Fi Dashboard after installing this update.

PSSR-278858Ed-Fi: Add Validation to StudentEducationOrganizationAssocation

Validation has been added to StudentEducationOrganizationAssocation for fields that potentially have invalid data. This enables records to continue publishing and prevent backend errors.

PSSR-284080Ed-Fi: Grading Periods for Mini Terms Not Publishing

When terms are mapped to mini terms, the grading periods and sessions publish successfully.

PSSR-282620Ed-Fi: Staff Unique ID Dependencies for Some Staff Members Having a PIC Number Assigned

Even if the PIC number was assigned to a staff, their record was going into the dependency queue with the message Staff Unique Id, this was happening due to Gender and DOB missing. This issue has now been corrected and the records are published if the PIC is updated.

PSSR-282866Ed-Fi: Student Discipline Incident Error for Invalid BehaviorDescriptor

The student discipline Incident error, the value of 04 was not a valid BehaviorDescriptor has been fixed. The mapping was corrected so that the discipline records publish without incident.

PSSR-265041Ed-Fi: Unavailable Courses Generating Publishing Errors

Michigan Ed-Fi - Organization Setup

Description: Courses that are not available during the context year will no longer attempt to publish.

Note: This does not remove currently published courses, but will prevent the records from publishing in the future. If there are errors on the dashboard related to unavailable courses, these can be removed using the Purge Unpublished option under Run Now.

PSSR-279382New Student Historical Grade Field

To support Ed-Fi publishing student transcripts, a new data element is created for use when historical grades are manually created without a course number. The new ‘Out of District Identifier’ data element is available when editing a grade, creating a Single New Entry, and creating Multiple New Entries. The ‘Out of District Identifier’ is the district or school number where the grade was earned.

PSSR-281179Program Participation Tab Update

The following data elements are added to the student’s Program Participation Tab and will not copy to re-enrollments:

  • 9130 - Immigrant - Start and End Date.
  • Migrant (Non-Reported Tab) - Start and End Date.
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