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Snack-Pack is part of the portable student record service that provides a small set of critical student data to help schools and districts provide students with services in a timely manner. Snack-Pack contains targeted data so educational staff know what services students are eligible for upon enrollment in the school district. This information is pulled from the most recently published data in the MI Data Hub.

To update Snack-Pack information:

  1. Navigate to Start > [student selection] > State/Province - MI > MI Data Hub
  2. Select Request Snack-Pack. This pulls the most recently reported data from the MI Data Hub.

Use the Snack-Pack information to manually update the student's record.

Data Element

Additional Information


Last Refreshed Date

The date Snack-Pack data was last retrieved.[S_STU_SNACK_X]RefreshDate
MI Data As of DateThe date student record was updated in MI data hub.[S_STU_SNACK_X]StudentRecordAsOfDate
Previous School DistrictThe four-digit LEA number of the previous school district.[S_STU_SNACK_X]PreviousSchoolDistrict
Previous School was CEPThe previous school in CEP.[S_STU_SNACK_X]PreviousSchoolInCEP
Grade LevelThe student's grade level.[S_STU_SNACK_X]GradeLevel
Entry TypeThe student's entry code and description.[S_STU_SNACK_X]EntryTypeCode
Exit TypeThe student's exit code and description.[S_STU_SNACK_X]ExitTypeCode
Total Days of AttendanceThe total days the student attended.[S_STU_SNACK_X]TotalDaysAttended
Total Possible Days of AttendanceThe total possible days of attendance.[S_STU_SNACK_X]TotalDaysPossibleAttendance
Economic DisadvantagedAn indicator that the student is economic disadvantaged.[S_STU_SNACK_X]EconomicDisadvantaged
HomelessAn indicator that the student is homeless.[S_STU_SNACK_X]Homeless
Foster CareAn indicator that the student is in foster care.[S_STU_SNACK_X]FosterCare
MigrantAn indicator that the student is a migrant.[S_STU_SNACK_X]Migrant
Primary DisabilityThe student's primary disability code and description.


Plan DateThe student's SPED plan date.[S_STU_SNACK_X]StudentSpecEdPlanDate
Program Service Code(s)
The student's SPED program code and description.




English Learner EligibleAn indicator that the student is LEP eligible.[S_STU_SNACK_X]EnglishLearnerEligible
LEP Instructional Program DescriptionThe student's LEP instructional program code and description.


Program Eligibility ParticipationThe programs in which the student eligible for.













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