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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates. 



Release Note

PSSR-308809All States/Provinces: System Reports Missing - Update

The reposchema is updated with a precondition to ensure the script runs (at the correct time); This will ensure all reports load as expected on the System Reports tab.

PSSR-305811Ed-Fi: Log Description Failure When Long

When the log entry for a student is more than 4,000 characters, this causes a failure in publishing Discipline Incident Records. This has been changed to publish only the first 300 characters.

PSSR-309624General/SRM/Early Childhood Spring 2022-2023 Update

General/SRM/Early Childhood: Version 4.8

The following updates have been made:

  • Updated the Major Version of the Spring General and Spring Early Childhood Collection Reports from "2021-2022" to "2022-2023".
  • Updated the Collection ID:
    • Spring General Collection: From “249” to “264”
    • Spring Early Childhood Collection: From “250” to “261”
  • Updated the Contacts Component for both reports:
    • The Electronic Mail Address characteristic is added.
    • The Telephone Number characteristic allows up to 24 characters.
  • Updated the SNE Component for both reports:
    • The Supplemental Nutrition Eligibility Type characteristic reports codes “1”, “2” and “5”.
  • Updated the Initial IFSP Component (Spring General Collection Report only):
    • The Result of Initial IFSP characteristic reports codes “01” through “07”.
  • The following characteristics (fields) are allowed but retired:
    • Assessment Tool (EC Special Ed Assessment Component)
    • Data Source Type (Part C Assessment Component)
    • Parent Input Type (Part C Assessment Component)
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