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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-282157All States/Provinces: Health Info Report - Student Contacts Update

Health Info Report: Version 1.1

The report is now updated to pull the data from Student Contacts.

PSSR-300101All States/Provinces: New - Digital Equity & Learning Preference Search

A new “Digital Equity & Learning Preference Search” link is added to the special functions page and will allow users to search for Digital Equity & Learning Preference records using configurable filters.

PSSR-274766All States/Provinces: Report Works Startup Updates

The config files have been modified and are now only called through the re-initialization cycle. This will improve SRP startup times and avoid previously reported failures.

PSSR-275058All States/Provinces: Sub Teachers Portal Honors the Pref "Prevent Attendance Page Submit If Blank"

When the "Prevent Attendance page submit if blank attendance is used (PowerTeacher)" pref is checked on the Attendance Preferences page on the admin portal, the Sub Teacher is not able to submit attendance if blank attendance is used for Single day attendance and Seating Chart.

PSSR-301958Ed-Fi: SnackPack Button is no longer working

The snack Pack button was not working when more than one profile was maintained. It has been corrected to look for the active profiles.

PSSR-266836Ed-Fi: Staff Demographics Error: "Unable to resolve value 'American Indian - Alaskan Native' to an existing 'RaceDescriptor' resource."

The Race descriptor value has been corrected to match with the value that Ed-Fi accepts.

PSSR-299547Ed-Fi: Student Discipline Incident Error for Invalid BehaviorDescriptor

The student discipline Incident error, the value of 04 was not a valid BehaviorDescriptor has been fixed. The mapping was corrected so that the discipline records publish without incident.

PSSR-291870Ed-Fi: Unable To Resolve Special Education Program Validation Error

When a student’s Special Education record has Program Service Codes, then the ‘'serviceBeginDate’' is also published as the Special Education Plan Date.

PSSR-302313 Ed-Fi: Updates in the Employment Status Descriptor

The Employment Status Descriptor has been updated with new values. The mapping will publish the new values for Staff Education Organization Employment Associations and Staff Education Organization Assignment Associations resources.

PSSR-275338General/SRM/Early Childhood Fall 2022-2023 Report Update

General/SRM/Early Childhood: Version 4.6

The update is for the 2022-2023 Schema, the district should not install this release if the 2021-2022 Schema is still in use by the district for the SRM Collection. The following updates are made:

  • The Major Version on all three collections is updated from ‘2021-2022’ to ‘2022-2023’.
  • The Collection ID is updated:
    • Fall General Collection to '263'
    • SRM Collection to '259’
    • Fall Early Childhood Collection to ‘260’
  • The Contacts Component is updated:
    • The Telephone Number is increased to 24 characters.
    • A new Electronic Mail Address (email) character is added.
  • The Enrollment Component reports the Additional Graduation Reward characteristic.
  • The Initial IFSP Component reports codes ‘05’, ‘06’ and ‘07’ to the Result of Initial IFSP characteristic.
  • The SNE Component reports code '5' to the Supplemental Nutrition Eligibility characteristic.
PSSR-300563Worksheet A Update

Worksheet A: Version 1.3

The Education District Code is updated to include leading zeroes if the length is less than five digits.

PSSR-298932Worksheet B Update

Worksheet B: Version 1.5

The Education District Code is updated to include leading zeroes if the length is less than five digits.

PSSR-3019232022-2023 State Reporting User Interface Updates:

The following updates to the User Interface (UI) are made as required for 2022-2023 State Reporting:

  • The Contacts Component tab is updated:
    • The Telephone Number is increased to 24 characters.
    • A new Electronic Mail Address (email) characteristic is added to each address type.
  • The Early Childhood Special Education Assessment Component tab is updated to identify retired characteristics
  • The Initial IFSP Component is added codes ‘05’, ‘06’ and ‘07’ to the Result of Initial IEP characteristic.
  • The Part C Assessment Component tab is updated to identify retired characteristics.
  • A new Lunch Status Override field exists on the student Lunch and SNE pages to allow for the new Supplemental Nutrition Eligibility Code ‘(5) Direct Cert Extended Eligibility Free’.
  • The ‘College Credit (potential)’ characteristic is updated to allow for 2 decimal places on the following pages:
    • Courses
    • Sections
    • Student All Enrollments
    • Historical Grades
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