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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-257645All States/Provinces: Office Visit Clinic Log Update for Multi-Select Fields in PowerSchool 21.4

Office Visit Clinic Log Report: Version 1.1
As the fields listed were changed to multi-select in PowerSchool version 21.4, the Office Visit Clinic Log is updated to handle multiple saved values for the Outcome field.
The report works as expected for districts that upgrade to PowerSchool version 21.4 as well as previously supported versions of PowerSchool.

  • Assessment
  • Visit Reason
  • Visit outcome
  • Procedure
  • Treatment


CRDC common data collection implementation for 2020-2021

The Common Data Entry updates for the 2020-2021 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) are now available.

  • The Schools/School Info CRDC page is updated to include:
      • Data entry for aggregate sexual assault or rape offenses involving staff members. This is optional for the 2020-2021 collection.
      • Data entry for aggregate staff and security staff FTE counts.
    • The Courses and Sections CRDC pages are updated to no longer allow the selection of the AP category “OT – Other”.
    • Data elements that are no longer collected for the 2020-21 submission are moved to deprecated field sections at the bottom of the respective CRDC pages.

    These new data fields and changes are applicable to states that have implemented Common CRDC pages. State-specific CRDC pages will be updated in a future release. Student discipline CRDC updates for all states will also be implemented in a future release.

    PSSR-259876Early Childhood Programs - Update

    The Federal Poverty Level Quintile option _(_07) - 301% FPL and Above should not be used in the 2020-21 school year. This option is moved to the Obsolete section in the select list.

    PSSR-256931Ed-Fi Framework: Codeset Mapping Drop-down Fields Ordered Alphabetical

    In Code Set Mapping and Code Set Mappings (other) pages, the Code Set Mapping drop-downs fields are now ordered alphabetically.

    PSSR-258441Ed-Fi Framework: Hide Publish and Delete Buttons for View Only

    For groups with View Only access and Pages with View Only permissions, the Publish and Delete buttons cannot be seen on the Ed-Fi Publishing pages.

    PSSR-260558Ed-Fi: Add Codeset Mapping for Relationship type

    A new CodeSet Mapping for Relation is added to the Code Set Mappings page. PowerSchool Relationship Code Sets (used for Unlimited Contacts) can be mapped to State/Ed-Fi values.
    The Student Contact Resource first uses any mapped Relation found. If a mapping is not completed, the relation is compared to the State/Ed-Fi value to find the correct match. If no matches are found, the relation, "Other" is used when publishing.
    Note: When the PowerSchool relation is "Stepmother" or "Stepfather" and no mapping is found, these values are converted to "Mother, Step" and "Father, Step" to match the state/Ed-Fi values).

    PSSR-255650Ed-Fi: Publish Standard Races

    Michigan Ed-Fi: StudentEducationOrganizationAssocation Update
    The Race Descriptor array is added to the StudentEducationOrganizationAssocation, the values are the same as the msdsRaceOrders array found within the state extension, with the exception of the race order.

    PSSR-259777Ed-Fi: Student Teacher Sections Dependency on Missing Section Meeting Record

    Student Teacher Sections published successfully without dependencies on the "Missing Section Meeting Record".


    Ed-Fi: Student Enrollment and Demographics shows Error - Error Code 409

    The Error (Error Code-409) appearing when running Student Enrollment and Demographics for students who have Specialized Shared Educational Entity Code (S2E2) value is resolved. The entered S2E2 values are published as separate LEAs in the Organization Setup.

    Run Publish All on Organization Setup before publishing the Student Enrollment and Demographics to ensure that all the current S2E2 values are published.

    PSSR-256932Ed-Fi: Sub Districts Needing Investigation As Not Publishing Data

    In a Sub-District environment, sometimes the incorrect assigningOrganizationIdentificationCode was extracted, by pulling the parent district number from the District Info page, instead of the correct Sub-District Number from the Sub-District page.

    PSSR-260165Ed-Fi: Unique Constraint Publishing Student Daily Attendance

    Previously, a database unique constraint error was causing Student Daily Attendance to have a dependency on the Student Unique ID. This issue is resolved and the Student Daily Attendance records now publish correctly.

    PSSR-259868General Collection - EOY (20-21) Update

    General / SRM / Early Childhood: Version 4.1

    The following updates are made:

    • Major Version is updated to “2020-2021”
    • Minor Version is updated to "2"
    • Collection ID is updated to “237”
    • Service Code is moved from Early On component to Early On Services
    • Early On Services Component is added to the report
    • Seclusion and restraint that are the same date as the Previous Count Date are excluded from the report
    PSSR-259680General/SRM/Early Childhood - EOY Update

    General/SRM/Early Childhood: Version 4.1

    The following updates are made:

    • Major Version is updated to “2020–2021”
    • Collection ID is updated to “236”
    • Federal Poverty Level includes additional codes of “08”, ”09”, “10”, and “11”
    PSSR-258170Pandemic EOY Attendance Report

    Pandemic EOY Attendance Report: Version 1.0

    To meet the attendance requirement for the EOY General Collection, a new report is created that generates two files to populate the Days Attended and Total Possible Attendance fields. See MI Pandemic EOY Attendance Report for setup details. The files are as follows:

    • Pandemic EOY Attendance File:
      • Calculates attendance from the selected pandemic method of attendance as an importable file to override the Days Attended and Total Possible Attendance fields. Note: Days Attended and Total Possible Attendance are usually calculated and need to be cleared after the EOY General Collection is completed.
    • Pandemic EOY Attendance Audit File:
      • Displays details of the Pandemic EOY Attendance File to assist in verifying the totals of the Days Attended and Total Possible Attendance fields.
    PSSR-259714Student Demographics and Student New Enrollment Update Student Suffix

    The state student suffix field ([S_MI_STU_GC_X]StuNameSuffix) is displayed on the following pages:

    • Enroll New Student
    • Student Demographics
    PSSR-262377Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL) Validation Report - Update

    Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL) Validation Report: Version 2.1

    The following changes are made to the report:

    • “The Subject Area Code reported is not a valid NCES SCED Code Rule: (252.171.2)” validation appears only for invalid NCES SCED codes.
    • “ERROR the following data items are required: Completion status, course grade, course identifier, and credits granted” validation appears when the following conditions are not met:
      • KG-8th grade students with courses that have an invalid SCED Code and/or no Completion Status.
      • 9-12th grade students with courses that have an invalid SCED Code and/or no Completion Status and/or no Course Grade and/or no Credit Granted.
    • A course type validation was incorrect including course type ‘10’ for grades 09-12. The validation is corrected as follows: “ERROR course type (02,03) is valid for grades 07-12. Course type (04,07) is valid for grades 09-12. (252.160.1)(252.160.2)” error validation is updated to remove an obsolete course type.
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