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The search capability in your State/Provincial Reporting Online Documentation enables you to find the information you want quickly and easily in two different ways. To search all content available in your online documentation space, enter a word or phrase in the Search field; the system returns all pages that contain your search word or phrase. To search within a single page, simply use your browser’s search function.

Available Searches

There are several different ways to search for information; search results will vary depending on the type of search you choose.

Match Phrase: Find content that contains a specific phrase

With the Match Phrase search, use double quotes (" ") to search for content that contains a phrase, for example "extract validations".

The search ignores common words such as and, the, or, etc., even if they are included within double quotes. For example:

  • Searching for "extract validations" returns only pages in which validations appears as the first word after extract
  • Searching for "the extract" returns all pages containing 'extract' because 'the' is ignored.

OR: Find content that contains one word or another

Use the operator 'OR' to find content that contains only one of the words you enter. Enter OR between the words you want to find ('OR' must be in capital letters); for example, entering extract OR validations will return content that contains either the word extract or the word validation, providing more results than the Phrase search or the AND search.

AND: Find content that contains all words

The 'AND' search is useful when you want to find content that contains all the words you've entered, but the words are not a phrase. To use the 'AND' Search, enter the operator 'AND' in capital letters between each word. For example, extract AND validation. The resulting pages will contain all the words in the content (but not necessarily together, as in the Phrase search).

NOT: Find content that contains one word but not the other

Use the 'NOT' search to find content that contains one word but not the other. Enter the operator 'NOT' in capital letters between each word. For example to find content with the word extract but not the word validation, in the Search field you would enter extract NOT validation.

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