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Eligibility Reason

On the  Early On® tab, enter the area of developmental delay or the established condition identified on the child's IFSP by which the child’s eligibility was determined.

01Developmental Delay: Cognitive
02Developmental Delay: Adaptive
03Developmental Delay: Communication
04Developmental Delay: Physical
05Developmental Delay: Social Emotional
06Established Condition: Congenital Anomalies
07Established Condition: Chromosomal Anomalies
08Established Condition: Infections Conditions
09Established Condition: Endocrine/Metabolic Disorders
10Established Condition: Other Disorders/Diseases - Neurological Disorders
11Established Condition: Other Disorders/Diseases - Vision Impairment
12Established Condition: Hearing Deficiency
13Established Condition: Other Fetal/Placental Anomalies
14Established Condition: Exposures Affecting Fetus/Child - Prenatal
15Established Condition: Exposures Affecting Fetus/Child - Postnatal
16Established Condition: Chronic Illness - Very Low Birth Weight
17Established Condition: Chronic Illness - Small for Gestational Age
18Established Condition: Chronic Illness - Other
19Established Condition: Developmental Delay - Autism Spectrum Disorder
20Established Condition: Developmental Delay - Other
21Established Condition: Mental Health Conditions
22Eligible under MARSE (reported in Special Ed Component)
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