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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release date



Release Note

PSSR-273161All States/Provinces: PowerTeacher Seating Chart Update

The PowerTeacher Portal's Seating Chart page is updated and now honors the "Prevent Attendance page submit if blank attendance is used (PowerTeacher)" setting on the Attendance Preferences page.

PSSR-274147Ed-Fi: All the Fields Must Be Published for Early Reading Deficiency

Publishing the following three fields under earlyReadingIntervention element:

  • Reading Deficiency Identified
  • Reading Deficiency Continuation
  • Reading Deficiency Activities


Ed-Fi: Class Data Being Deleted IncorrectlyAt random times, districts have found that their class data has been deleted from the MiDataHub. The issue has been determined to be related to the Organization Setup publishing. This issue has been resolved and class data will remain published.
PSSR-274482Ed-Fi: District Residency Status Descriptor Update

The District Residency Status Descriptor under the Membership tab is updated to publish in the Student School Associations Resource.

PSSR-275137Ed-Fi: Eligibility Reason Descriptor Namespace Update

Under the Student Early Learning Program Associations, the namespace of EligibilityReasonDescriptor is updated to only use


Ed-Fi: IFSP Timeliness Descriptor Must Be Published in Student Early Learning Program Associations

Ed-Fi: StudentEarlyLearningProgramAssociations

The StudentEarlyLearningProgramAssociations has been updated to include IFSP Timeliness Descriptor. This descriptor is based on the field Timeliness of IFSP (S_MI_STU_GC_X.eoInitialTimely) found on the student's Initial IFSP tab.

PSSR-275145Ed-Fi: Publish New Elements on Student Early Learning Program Association

Following fields have been added to the Student Early Learning Program Association resource from the Early Childhood Program Tab:

  • EC Comment
  • EC Program
  • EC Program Start Date
  • Additional Eligibility Factors
  • Qualifying Factors


Ed-Fi: Remove Unnecessary Descriptors from Downloads

Michigan Ed-Fi: Downloads

Description: Michigan has recently updated its descriptors. We are removing unnecessary descriptors in this update.

Districts will need to do the following after installing this update:
1. Download descriptors on the Ed-Fi Dashboard.
2. Verify code set mappings and update or remap if necessary.
3. Do a Publish All on the Ed-Fi Dashboard.

PSSR-275157Ed-Fi: Student Resident County Must Be Published for Student Education Organization Associations

The field CountyCode has been added to the studentEducationOrganizationAssociations resource.


Ed-Fi: Updated the Namespace for Homeless Descriptor under Homeless Demographics TabUpdated the Namespace of Homeless Descriptor to
PSSR-278960General/SRM/Early Childhood Student Contacts Component Update

General/SRM/Early Childhood Report: Version 4.3

The report is updated to no longer report the Address Type of Mailing when there is no data in the mailing address fields.

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