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Credential Codes

See the following Credential codes.



00Credential Not Required
03Elementary Provisional
04Elementary Professional
05Elementary Permanent
06Secondary Provisional
07Secondary Professional
08Secondary Permanent
09Two Year Provisional Certificate
11Permit, Full Year
12Permit, Emergency
13Permit, Section 1233b
14Permit, 150 Day (day-to-day sub)
15Temporary Teacher Employment Authorization (1 Year)
16Temporary School Counselor Authorization
17Preliminary School Counselor Guidence Authorization
18School Guidance Counselor Licence
21Dual, Provitional
22Dual, Professional
23Dual, 18 Hour Continuing
24Dual, 30 Hour Continuing
25Dual, Permanent
26Dual, Life
40Elementary Continuing (30 Hour)
41Secondary Continuing (30 Hour)
42Elementary Continuing (18 Hour)
43Secondary Continuing (18 Hour)
50School Nurse Certificate (Interim)
51School Nurse Certificate (Standard)
52School Nurse Certificate (Professional)
53Vocational Annual Authorization
54Vocational Temporary Authorization
55Vocational Full Authorization
61School Psychologist Certificate
62Preliminary School Psychologist Certificate
63Occupational Education
70Special Education, Approval
71Special Education, Emergency Approval
72Certificate of Clinical Competency, Approval




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