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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-225826Early Childhood Programs Validation - Update

The validation for Additional Eligibility Factors (CEPI 171.617.4 ) is removed per CEPI rules.

PSSR-228033Ed-Fi Discipline Records Processing is time-consuming

Discipline records take a long time to publish when encountering particular scenarios. The Discipline record logic has been updated to optimize run-times for the problematic scenarios and provide quicker publishing of records.

PSSR-228375Ed-Fi: Request UIC Button not Respecting UIC Resolver Role

Request UIC button will be enabled only for staff with the UIC resolver role.

PSSR-225134General/SRM/Early Childhood - Update

The following updates are made to the General Collection EOY:

  • Documentation is updated to "End of Year General Collection 2019-2020 School Year"
  • Major Version is changed to "2019-2020"
  • Collection ID is updated to "217"
  • Out of Level Grade is moved to the Non-Reported tab with a notation of "Obsolete as of 2019-2020"
  • Tuition Funded Enrollment is added to the report

The following updates are made for Early Childhood EOP:

  • Documentation is updated to "EOP Early Childhood Collection 2019-2020 School Year"
  • Major Version is changed to "2019-2020"
  • Collection ID is updated to "219"
PSSR-220161Added Identity Snack-Pack capability from Ed-Fi

Implemented Snack-Pack capability by adding a button on the Snack-Pack page. When you click this button, a Snack-Pack is ordered for the student from the state and the relevant data is stored in the database. This data is then displayed on the Snack-Pack page.

PSSR-228595Log Entries Page - Update

When Discipline is selected as the Log Type, the “Include in State Reporting” shows blank by default. Users must select Yes or No before submitting.

PSSR-229158MI 75% Membership - Update

Districts are required to prove 75% membership to the State of Michigan. A page is added to the report that totals the membership for all selected schools.

PSSR-229593MI General / SRM / Early Childhood - Update

The report is updated to run for all Schools when a School is not selected.

PSSR-223351Snack-Pack - New

A new page called Snack-Pack is created on the MI Data Hub tab within the State/Province - MI page. Only districts publishing data via the MI Data Hub will have access to information on the Snack-Pack page. Refer to Snack-Pack for more information.

PSSR-211741Staff Information Page - Update

Option 7 is added to the Funded Position Status select list as:

  • (7) Contracted Services Provider
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