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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile Report - HTML Output Update.

Additional Reference: PSSR-320593

Attendance Profile Report: Version 1.7

The Attendance Profile report has been updated and will the result file will be in HTML (rather than PDF). This change allows for a dynamic presentation of the data which will make the report results more user-friendly.


All States/Provinces: Immunization Rules Engine Update for Student Date fields

The Immunization Rules Engine and rules can now be written that compare dose dates to a student’s entry date (into school).

Note: Immunization compliance rules must be updated to take advantage of this new functionality.


Courses and Sections Updates - Obsolete KRA Fields

The ‘Kindergarten Classroom Type: (KRA Reporting Only)’ is moved to the Obsolete for State Reporting section on the Courses and Sections pages.


Early Roster - Schema Update for 2023-2024

Early Roster Update Version: 2.6

The following updates are made:

  • Major Version is updated to “2023-2024”.

  • Collection ID is updated from “251” to “268”.

  • The ‘Electronic Mail Address’ is added to the Contacts Component.

  • The ‘Telephone Number’ is updated from 12 to 24 characters.


Ed-Fi Dependency Processor Improvements

The Ed-Fi Dependency Processor has been re-written to improve performance and reduce database logging.


Ed-Fi: Add a Feature to Exclude the Courses/Sections from Ed-Fi Publishing - Publishing Update

New Feature to Exclude the Courses/Sections has been added in Ed-Fi publishing. When a course or section has been marked as excluded, the resources mentioned in the description will not be published or held in dependency.


Ed-Fi: Remove invalid descriptors for Grading Period

Descriptors for Grading Periods only exist for the “” namespace and for code value 21 for the “” namespace. Any codeset mappings that used any other namespace are removed.


Log Entry Michigan Incident ID Issue

When a Log Entry was created for a student and the Michigan Incident ID ‘Generate ID’ button was selected, an error of “Error responding to generate id - - contact support” was displayed with no Incident ID number populating the field. This is corrected and when the ‘Generate ID’ button is selected the Incident ID number is generated. The issue does not affect PowerSchool versions lower than 23.5.0.


MI General/SRM/Early Childhood - General Collection EOY Update

MI General/SRM/Early Childhood Version:

The following updates are made to the General Collection EOY:

  • The report was incorrectly reporting an exit date and no exit status for active students when the Current Count Date entered on the report parameters was greater than the student's enrollment exit date. This is corrected and active students will report without an exit date and an exit status of ‘19’.

  • When the report was run at the school level, students who transferred schools between the Previous Count Date and Current Count Date report parameters would report in both schools. This is corrected and the students will only report in the school of the most current enrollment.


Seclusion and Restraint UI Update

The following updates are made to the student Seclusion and Restraint page:

  • The Seclusion and Restraint Non-Reported tab is updated to include a collapsible Debriefing Form section with the new fields that are required for the state mandated Debriefing Form of emergency seclusion and restraints.

  • The fields on the Non-Reported tab created prior to this update are moved to the collapsible Documentation Form section as these are the fields required for the state mandated Documentation Form of emergency seclusion and restraints.

  • The ‘Type of restraint’ field for CRDC reporting is moved to the top of the Non-Reported tab.


Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL) Validation-New Update

Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL) Validation-New Version:

The following updates are made:

  • The report was returning a ‘Warning; teacher of record is not a teacher or substitute teacher’ validation error when a teacher was affiliated with more than one school and any of the schools had the staff status as something other than ‘Teacher” or ‘Substitute’, this is corrected.

  • The Course # column is updated to populate with the ‘LocalCourseId’ label and field reported in the TSDL Report. The ‘LocalCourseId' is a combination of the Course Number + Store Code + ‘CC’ (when coming from the CC table) or ‘HG’ (when coming from the Stored Grades table) + SectionID + Expression + SchoolID. For example, the LocalCourseID of 'ALG01A-S1-HG-(13145)-1(A)-2130’ is Course Number ALG01A, and is the S1 Grade (HG) from SectionID 13145 in period 1(A) at School 2130.

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