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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-261963Ed-Fi Framework: Failed Delete Events Incorrectly Being Removed From The Dashboard

Problem: The order and timing of deletes isn’t always occurring correctly based on dependencies of each resource. For example, when a section is deleted, events are generated for section, studentSectionAssignment and staffSectionAssignment, etc. These records would process in any order, however, a section cannot be deleted until all dependent resources have been deleted. This results in a failed delete with the state ODS and this failure is not communicated back to the user, thus leaving the ODS and PowerSchool out of sync.

Solution: When delete events are published, they will now occur with the lowest record first back up to the highest record. This will result in studentSectionAssignment and staffSectionAssignment being published before section is published. This may not work correctly each time due to simultaneous publishing. If a record does fail, it will now appear in the Errors section on the dashboard with an error from the ODS stating that there is a dependency preventing the record from being deleted. The record will then retry the delete every 10 minutes up to 1 hour. After 1 hour, the record will remain as an error and reconciliation will need to be run to remove the dependencies.

PSSR-313766Ed-Fi: Add orderOfDisability to Student Special Education

The OrderOfDisability element is added to the studentSpecialEducationProgramAssociation resource to publish an outcome based on the Disabilities.

PSSR-315461Ed-Fi: Military Incorrect in studentEducationOrganizationAssocation

It was found that military was sending as true for all students due to an incorrect logic handling. This has been corrected and will send for only students who are marked with military family.

PSSR-303953Ed-Fi: Miniterms not Publishing GradingPeriods

When a term is mapped as a Miniterm, the Grading Period record is now being published.

PSSR-308309Ed-Fi: Remove Invalid Descriptors

The countryDescriptors and stateAbbreviationDescriptors are removed with the namespace other than “uri://”.

PSSR-312011Ed-Fi: Staff who are excluded from Ed-Fi are stuck in dependency on the Student Teacher Sections publishing

When Staff is set to Exclude from Ed-Fi publishing, such staff records are moving under dependencies. Now, such staff records will not be published.

PSSR-315515Ed-Fi: Unique ID Failure after Legal Name Update

The student request UIC feature has been updated to send the Student preferred name if the record does not have a Legal name.

PSSR-314605Ed-Fi: Updates on General FTE Logic

The Enrollment Percent field has been updated for Student School Association. When the General FTE is blank, the Enrollment Percent on Student School Associations will publish a 0.

PSSR-312761General/SRM/Early Childhood End of Year 2022-2023 Update

General/SRM/Early Childhood: Version

The following updates are made:

  • Updated the Major Version on the EOY General and EOP Early Childhood Collection Reports from ‘2021-2022’ to ‘2022-2023’.
  • Updated the Collection ID:
    • EOY General Collection: From “253” to “265”
    • EOP Early Childhood Collection: From “254” to “262”
  • Updated the Contacts Component for both reports:
    • The ‘Electronic Mail Address’ characteristic is added.
    • The ‘Telephone Number’ characteristic allows up to 24 characters.
  • Updated the SNE Component for both reports:
    • The Supplemental Nutrition Eligibility Type characteristic reports codes “1”, “2” and “5”.
  • Updated the Initial IFSP Component (Spring General Collection Report only):
    • The ‘Result of Initial IFSP’ characteristic reports codes “01” thru “07”.
  • The following characteristics (fields) are allowed but retired:
    • Assessment Tool (EC Special Ed Assessment Component)
    • Data Source Type (Part C Assessment Component)
    • Parent Input Type (Part C Assessment Component)
PSSR-314277Official Enrollment Student Roster Update

Official Enrollment Student Roster: Version 2.6

If run at the school level, the report displays the correct students when the “School of Enrollment” option is selected.

PSSR-316076Program Participation Tab Update

Clarifying text is added to the Program Participation tab to notify users that start/end dates for Immigrant and Section 504 are Non-MSDS Reported items.

PSSR-305862Special Education Validation Error Update

The student’s Special Education page now displays a validation alert with an issue identified.

PSSR-313225Student State Enrollment Page Displaying Invalid Error

The student’s State/Province - MI > Enrollment page displayed the graduation review validation on all students. Now, the validation appears when the Exit Status is 40 and there are no Additional Graduation Awards selected, or when there are Additional Graduation Awards selected but the exit status is not 40.

PSSR-313478Student State Page Update

The following updates are made to the student’s state page:

  • The KRA tab is removed from the state page and added as a blue link to the Obsolete tab.
  • The All tab can now be selected to show the exclude options and state page instructions.

The following KRA reports are moved to the Obsolete section on the State report page:

  • MI KRA Enrollment Export
  • MI KRA Student Export
  • MI KRA Teacher Export
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